At we are specialize in marketplaces and help to expand your business

through these up and coming online sales channels.

CONSULTING in Amazon and Marketplaces

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business and your target market to identify the potential opportunities for your products within the different marketplaces.

STRATEGY in Amazon and Marketplaces

Based on the analysis of your account, the market, and our proven methodology, we will developed a personalized strategy for your business.

MARKETING and ADVERTISING in Amazon and Marketplaces

We craft and oversee custom marketing strategies catered to your unique product and target audience, effectively amplifying your sales organically via impactful advertising techniques.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT in Amazon and Marketplaces

Our highly skilled strategists, alongside their dedicated sub-specialized team, will expertly oversee your account and offer tailored assistance throughout the entire process.

IDENTITY CREATION in Amazon and Marketplaces

Creating a distinctive and successful presence in marketplaces hinges on the ability to set oneself apart. To achieve this, we meticulously craft an exceptional and refined image tailored to the unique intricacies of each marketplace.

DATA ANALYTICS in Amazon and Marketplaces

Our team leverages the most exceptional business intelligence tools in the market to craft an advanced strategy and diligently track your outcomes, thereby ensuring both immediate and enduring advantages.

GLOBALIZATION in Amazon and Marketplaces

With the emergence of marketplaces, the accessibility of venturing into new markets has significantly increased. Consequently, Década takes pride in discerning the optimal markets for your business, providing unwavering support and guidance throughout the entire expansion journey—from market identification to daily management.

TRAINING in Amazon and Marketplaces

Our continuous improvement and training enable us to deliver training sessions on Amazon and other marketplaces, catering to your company’s needs.

We are the link your business needs to sell on Amazon and other marketplaces, saving you time, money and frustration.

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