At we are specialists in marketplaces and we help you to expand your business

through these new online sales channels.

CONSULTING in Amazon and Marketplaces

We carry out an exhaustive study of your business and your target market to identify the possibilities that your products have to position themselves in the market, through marketplaces.

STRATEGY in Amazon and Marketplaces

We develop your personalizable strategy based on our proven methodology.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING in Amazon and Marketplaces

We design and manage marketing and advertising strategies based non the life cycle of your products and customers, in order to increase your sales organically and through advertising.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT in Amazon and Marketplaces

One of our strategists, with the help of his sub-specialized team, will strategically manage your account and will provide you with a personalizable assistance during the whole process.

IDENTITY CREATION in Amazon and Marketplaces

Differentiate yourself within the marketplaces is crucial to succeed in these, so we create an exclusive and high quality image adapted to the particularities of each marketplace.

DATA ANALYTICS in Amazon and Marketplaces

Our team has the best business intelligence tools in the market, to create an advanced strategy and constantly monitor your results. Guaranteeing short and long term benefits.

GLOBALIZATION in Amazon and Marketplaces

Expanding to a new market is becoming more and more accessible thanks to marketplaces. Therefore, at Década we identify the ideal markets for your business and we accompany and help you throughout the expansion process, from the identification of the new market to the daily management.

TRAINING in Amazon and Marketplaces

We are constantly updating and training ourselves, so we are able to conduct training sessions on Amazon and other marketplaces for your company.

We are the link your business needs to sell on Amazon and other marketplaces, saving you time, money and frustrations

Are you ready to expand your business?