Unilae is the new multi-category B2C marketplace that will allow you to expand your business throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom.

This platform that was launched by the PcComponentes Group and Multimedia SLU, will bring you closer to your target audience and help you to offer them the best service through different markets.

In addition, Unilae is a platform that cares about creating alliances with ethically and environmentally responsible brands and vendors, so they also promote more sustainable

Thanks to Unilae, you can sell your products quickly and safely, while guaranteeing the user a unique shopping experience thanks to a fast, friendly and intuitive interface.

Why should you sell at Unilae?
It's an opportunity you can't miss.

Save money

Unilae provides you with the infrastructure that will allow you to sell and increase the visibility of your products without having your own ecommerce site. In addition, this marketplace will make sure that your transactions are 100% secure thanks to its fraud control service. Unilae provides you with the infrastructure, as well as the trust of PcComponentes.

Expand Your Brand

You will have access to a personalized marketing plan and an account manager who will help you with your business development while enhancing the reach of your brand and products.

Better access to new markets

Through Unilae you will have access to customers from all over Europe without the need for large marketing investments, allowing you to reach your target audience in an affordable way and increase the sales of your products.

Finds synergies with other vendors

Thanks to cross-selling and the best methods in business intelligence you will be able to sell your products along with similar or complementary items offered by other sellers.

Easy integration

Unilae is a complete and advanced platform with the best technology. In addition, it does not have monthly fees or a permanence period.

How does the Marketplace work?

Unilae wants to offer the user a unique shopping experience, thanks to a fast, user-friendly website with an intuitive interface. The purchasing process and operation of the marketplace would be as follows:


Product purchase

Users purchase products offered by sellers within the Unilae website and pay through the multiple options offered by the site.


Order Notification

The purchase order will then appear in the seller's back-office. In addition, a notification will be sent detailing the order. If the order management is automatic, then the seller will receive the order through the API.


Product Delivery

Once the order is received, the seller will have to ship it within 24 hour (working).


Customer Service

The seller shall be responsible for customer service and will only be able to contact the customer through the platform. On the other hand, calls and live chat will be answered by the Unilae Customer Service team. The questions asked by customers will be forwarded to the seller in case the marketplace does not have the necessary information to answer them.


Vendor payments

Unilae will make payments for the balances of all orders delivered by vendors on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month. From this amount, Unilae will charged the corresponding commissions


Product Returns

In the event that a customer decides to return a product, Unilae will be responsible for the refund. The seller will not be paid for that order and will not be commissioned as the sale will be register as canceled.

Become part of Unilae without having to pay integration costs, no permanence period and no monthly fees

How can Década Studio’s specialized team help you?

Our services for Unilae

Creating and Setting up your account so you can start selling your products through the Unilae platform.

We register your product catalog and publish your offers including all the corresponding information: images, the copywriting in the descriptions and optimization of the product sheets.

We accompany you throughout the process of opening and managing your seller account within Unilae’s Marketplace, allowing you to start selling quickly and easily.