SoloStocks: the B2B marketplace of reference in Spain

The SoloStocks platform is focused on companies and professionals who want to sell B2B online as well as expand their business around the world.

In SoloStocks there is a place for your company, since it counts with more than 6000 product categories available.

Through SoloStock you can increase the visibility of your products and your brand thanks to the 2 million monthly visits the platform receives globally.

Thanks to SoloStocks you will be able to start exporting your products with the help and guidance of experts.

Who can sell on SoloStocks?

Whether you are an SME, a large company or a freelancer, you can sell your products online through the B2B marketplace SoloStocks.

Don't wait any longer and sign up in one of the most recognized B2B marketplaces in Spain that will help you to sell online and expand your business internationally.

Do you already know the benefits of selling your products on SoloStocks?

Sell your products online safely

Thanks to SoloStock you will be able to sell your products online without having to launch your own ecommerce website. In addition, for SoloStocks, quality and security are fundamental pillars.

Launch your owned company website

Within your SoloStocks page, you will be able to find elements such as search engines and photo galleries so that your customers can see in greater detail the types of products you offer.

Expand your sales to new markets

Thanks to the help and guidance of SoloStocks advisors, you will be able to start exporting your products to the 12 countries where the platform is available. You will only have to adapt your product catalog to the language and currencies of the market you are interested in exporting to.

Increase product visibility

Through the premium visibility service, you can boost the product visibility and sales of your catalog. You will also have at your disposal a team of e-commerce consultants.

Have access to data and statistics

SoloStocks offers premium companies a monthly report with 30 easy to understand statistical data detailing the performance of your account within the marketplace platform.

How can Década Studio’s specialized team help you?

Our services for SoloStocks

Creating and Setting up your account so you can start selling your products through the SoloStocks platform.

We register your product catalog and publish your offers including all the corresponding information: images, the copywriting in the descriptions and optimization of the product sheets.

We accompany you throughout the process of opening and managing your seller account within SoloStock’s Marketplace, allowing you to start selling quickly and easily.

Still have doubts about how to start selling on SoloStocks?