The tendency to make online transactions has grown significantly - given the current circumstances -, which gives us the opportunity to buy without time or place limitations and receive our purchase soon wherever we want, thus increasing the use of platforms that provide us with these options and to have an increasingly pleasant and safe shopping experience.

Mercado libre is the Marketplace with the highest turnover in Latam and is present not only in Argentina (where it was born) but in 17 other countries

Década Studio has certified consultants by Mercado Libre that runs you that you will get the most out of this platform.

Mercado Libre offer the possibility of improving your sales and turnover (if you are already a Seller) or being a channel to make your products known (becoming a Seller) under an online platform that offers you multiple solutions to make your operations easier and allow you to concentrate on what is really important.

Advantages of selling through Mercado Libre


Send your products quickly


Attract more traffic to your publications


Provide security with the Protected Purchase System.


Open your own professional and personalized online store for free.

Don't wear yourself out trying to manage the day to day without seeing the best results and without being able to give solutions to the problems that affect your reputation as a Seller. Década Studio offers you the following services:

Our services for Mercado Libre


Perform a diagnosis of the Seller and its processes to identify its strengths to enhance them and its weaknesses to propose improvements and an action plan.


Your publications are decisive in defining purchases, so it is important that they have the right parameters to convert a visit into a sale.


Knowing more in depth the tools that Mercado Libre offers you for your management as a Seller gives you a Plus to be able to do your job effectively and without affecting your greatest asset: Your reputation


We provide training to you and your team in the use of the platform and in the application of best practices to optimize your management and obtain better results.

Diseño y Desarrollo Web

Measurement plays a very important role in decision making and improvement. We have tools that help us to track and identify problems in order to address them in time.


Mercado Libre offers you the possibility of having your own professional online store fully integrated into this Marketplace so you can enjoy all its benefits without additional costs.

Do you still have questions about why to sell on Mercado Libre?

Get to know all the advantages and tools that Mercado Libre can offer you for your shipping logistics, advertising, your own page in Mercado Libre and possibilities to obtain credit to inject to the growth of your business.

Do not stay without being part of the team of Sellers of this Marketplace and without enjoying all the possibilities to grow or start your business with the best!

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