Década Best Revelation Marketplaces Agency

On November 18, the first edition of the Marketplaces Awards Spain was held, the gala organized by that recognizes the great work of specialists in the sector. It is a great pride for you to inform us that we won the Award for the Best Revelation Marketplaces Agency 🏆 and the Best Brand in the Beauty Category on Amazon 🏆 with Singuladerm.

How to achieve a brilliant brand rebranding: examples and recommendations

Marketing4ecommerce has written this amazing blog where they detail how to achieve a successful rebranding. Década is proud that our transformation was chosen as an example of successful rebranding.

Década Studio transforms itself on its third anniversary to reflect the evolution of the sector and the company.

MarketplaceHOY, the media specialized in industry news, has released a press release where it reveals some exclusive details that we have shared with them about the new Década.

Top 12: best agencies to sell on marketplaces in Mexico (2022)

Marketing4ecommerce Mexico has made a list where it shares the best agencies to sell on marketplaces. Década has been selected as one of the best.

Digital Talks by t2ó : How to boost your brand's sales in marketplaces?

Alba Castellet, CEO of Década, has made a podcast with t2ó where she explains which are the criteria to recommend to a brand the presence in a marketplace or another.

Top +20: best agencies to sell on marketplaces in Spain (2022)

Marketing4ecommerce Spain has selected Década as one of the best agencies to sell on marketplaces in Spain. We are proud that the team's work has been recognized.

How to create advertising campaigns in Amazon Ads: basic, medium and pro level

Our Amazon Ads specialists together with Marketing4ecommerce Academy have prepared 3 courses that will help you advertise your Amazon Seller and Vendor account.

What are the keys to position yourself on Amazon?

In the MANGOPAY Room at the Marketplace Summit 2022, Alba Castellet CEO and Co-founder of Década talked about the keys to stand out and reach customers in marketplaces like Amazon's.

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