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Miravia, the up and coming marketplace for a variety of brands.

This marketplace is recognized for the savings it generates for its customers, since it has low-cost products. In Miravia you can sell any type of product and your customers will receive them between 3 and 7 days

Why sell in


Miravia is a platform that allows you to sell to

190 countries

The company offers free access to individuals and businesses operating within its jurisdiction, eliminating the need for a monthly subscription fee. However, it is important to note that the company does not conduct sales in China, Spain, Russia, and the United States, despite these countries having the highest sales potential. Additionally, the company operates physical stores in Spain.

Aliexpress es una plataforma que le permite vender a

190 países

particulares y a empresas en los en los que opera, sin tener que pagar una cuota mensual. Por otra parte, la compañía afirma, que sin incluir a China, España, Rusia y Estados Unidos son los países con las mejores ventas. Aparte, cuenta con tiendas físicas en España.

What services do we offer

in the Miravia Marketplace?


We study the competition of your products in Miravia. We also analyze your products and their sale possibilities.


We decorate your “shop window” and design your advertising banners to gain visibility, followers and sales.


We launch the most profitable advertising campaigns taking into account the stage you are in. We take care of your SEO positioning for the Miravia algorithm that will boost your sales.


– We frequently analyze your store metrics.

– We monitor and optimize your results.


– We upload and update your product inventory

-We identify the keywords that generate sales.

– We optimize your brand images and your product cards.

– We take care of product feed management and optimization.

Do you know the advantages of selling

on Miravia?


Low commissions

To sell on Miravia you will only have to pay between 5% and 8% of sales. Without hesitation, we can say that these are the lowest commissions in the market.


Fixed costs

To start selling on Miravia you will not need to pay any set-up fee. Likewise, there is no monthly management fee. This means that monthly you will only have to pay the platform the commissions of your sales and you will not have to worry about a fixed monthly fee.


Different languages

Undoubtedly one of the best advantages is that the platform has translation into 12 languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Polish, German, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew and Korean). This allows reaching more customers, since the language barrier would not be a problem.


Openness to markets

By selling your products in Miravia you will not only sell them in the Spanish market, but you will also have the possibility to sell them in more than 20 cities in Europe and Russia.


One of the most downloaded applications in Spain

In Spain, it is the second most downloaded application in the country. It also has more than 40 million visits per month. This indicates that if you are targeting the Spanish market, you may have a great chance selling your products on Miravia.


Support in Spanish

Miravia has offices in Spain, so you will not only have a virtual support, but also a physical one in case you need or want it.

We make the most of your investment

Our team of consultants specialized in Miravia paired with the best Business Intelligence tools on the market will develop a strategy tailored to your needs.

We analyze the levels of growth inside and outside of Miravia

so you can maximize your results.

We take care of your business on and off Miravia

giving it identity and combining lateral thinking with technique

We are an agency specialized in Miravia based in Barcelona.

We are close to you and offer you personalized support and a one-to-one experience.

We cover all the facets necessary to succeed on Miravia

thanks to a multidisciplinary team of experts.

There are many marketplaces!

We will help you discover new marketplaces that will help you expand your business.

Capitalizamos al máximo tu inversión en Miravia

Nuestro equipo de consultores especializados en Miravia junto a las mejores herramientas de Business Intelligence del mercado desarrollarán una estrategia hecha a tu medida.

Analizamos las palancas de crecimiento dentro y fuera de Miravia

para que puedas maximizar tus resultados.

Trabajo en equipo

Tu cuenta no será llevada por una sola persona, sino por todo un equipo de profesionales sub especializados que se encargaran de gestionar cada acción de su área.

Cuidamos de tu negocio dentro y fuera de MIravia

dándole identidad y combinando el pensamiento lateral con la técnica


Metodología probada

Nosotros no improvisamos, hemos desarrollado una metodología probada que garantiza resultados en los diferentes marketplaces con los que trabajamos.

Somos una agencia especializada en Miravia con sede en Barcelona.

Estamos cerca de ti para ofrecerte un acompañamiento personalizado y un recorrido one-to-one

Cubrimos todas las facetas necesarias para triunfar dentro de Miravia

gracias a un equipo de expertos multidisciplinar.


Formación constante

Sin duda, trabajamos en un mundo cambiante y dinámico, sobre todo el de los marketplaces. Por ello, nuestro equipo está en constante formación para brindarte un servicio actualizado.

¡Existen diversos marketplaces como Miravia!

Te ayudaremos a descubrir nuevos marketplaces que te ayudarán a expandir tu negocio



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