Being different is what makes us grow and achieve our goals,

discover the whole Década team

Being different is what makes us grow and achieve our goals, discover the whole Década team


We are experts in Digital Marketing and Marketplaces

We want to help you discover new sales channels and enhance your online presence, that's why we are an Agency specialized in Digital Marketing and Marketplaces certified by Amazon.

Década Studio is the sum of the talent of each of the people who are part of the team. We know that being different is what makes us grow every day and achieve our goals.

Creative sensitivity and critical thinking are the heart and the engine of Década Studio, that's why we get involved professionally and personally in each new project. We believe that you deserve to grow your online business and we offer you a full cycle management of your digital sales strategy to make everything easier.

Equipo Década Studio

Our team spans 3 decades and 4 countries and we are ready to leave our mark on a whole generation, do you want to be part of the change?

Discover us

Alba Castellet

CEO & Co-founder

Alba is CEO at Década Studio, but not only that, she is also a mother of two girls and a Marketing professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
How do you combine it all?

A lot of desire, good humor and a passion for entrepreneurship and betting on new projects.

Alex Castañeda

CCO & Co-founder

Alex is co-founder and chief operating officer. Being head of operations is synonymous with managing the team and the different projects that are carried out within the agency.

Besides that, he is an expert in web design and UX. Mexican, traveler and brewer at heart.

Andrea Soto

Marketplace Manager

Andrea, besides being the Marketplace Manager of Década Studio, is a theater actress and a tireless traveler.
Expert in Amazon and Marketplaces.

In love with stage adrenaline, reading and scary movies.

Alicia Rodriguez

Digital Account Manager

Alicia belongs to the 90s but is the daughter of the 21st century. This means that you cannot detach from your mobile but listen to music on vinyl.

A mix of references from pop culture, the audiovisual world and digital trends.

Fredy Sanchez

UX/UI Designer

Fredy is passionate about design, but also about learning and facing new challenges every day.

It is UX / UI Designer within Década Studio.He loves racing and motorcycle mechanics.

Joan Morato

Marketplace Management

If Joan had to be defined with one word, it would be “extroverted”. He follows the philosophy of his grandmother Agustina: "effort, work and good humor".

He is always on the lookout for the latest trends within Amazon and Marketplaces.

For Joan creativity is a fundamental pillar inside and outside the professional field.

Diana Acosta

Marketplace Management

Diana is our Marketplace Manager at Década Studio.

She is an expert in managing product files on Amazon and marketplaces.

Albert Ramírez

Senior web Developer

Albert is an expert in web development, as well as a lover of music and video games.

Coffee is your favorite drink and source of energy.

Eduardo Flo

Digital Marketing Trainee

Edu is the newest After studying Global Marketing Management in NYC, he's now fully immersed in the world of digital marketing and marketplaces.
Edu loves nature and outdoor sports.
Decada Studio Fina Villaescusa Marketing

Fina Villaescusa

Community Manager & Content Creator

Passionate about social networks, lover of Twitch live streams.
My ideal plan is to enjoy the sun on the beach.
Fan of advertising and digital marketing.
Curiosity killed the cat but to me it gave me life and I started my love for journalism.

Decada Studio Arnau Lario

Arnau Lario

Amazon Advertising Specialist

Arnau is our marketplace management trainee and Digital Marketing student. He loves sneakers and urban fashion.
He loves to travel and go out with his friends on motorcycles.

Aitziber Minguez

Digital Manager

Passionate about digital communication, fashion and social networks.

Aitziber is Digital Manager and is committed to social networks as one of the most powerful communication channels for brands.

Jose Escribano

Senior web developer

In three words, José is a programmer, father and geek.

José shapes the ideas and turns them into web pages.

Where are we located?

Main Office in Barcelona:

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes,
672, 08010 Barcelona

Office in Madrid:

Calle Naranjo 9, Calle
Araucaria, 22, 28039 Madrid

What they say about us

Gabriel Giralt, CEO HostelNovo

"We contacted Década Studio because we wanted to open a new online sales channel and we didn't even know where to start. Thanks to their expertise we have doubled our turnover by selling through our own ecommerce and on marketplaces like Amazon."

Rosendo Garganta, CEO Devicare

"DécadaStudio has helped us open a store on Amazon with our products, achieving all the objectives set, and a significant growth in sales in less than 6 months. Thanks to the DécadaStudio team, we have found new clients and have been able to offer a new channel to our regular clients. The experience with Amazon has been so good that we are now opening other Amazon marketplaces and a store on AliExpress."

Alex Soler, Partner at PERUCCHI 1876

"Muy buenos profesionales con una clara vocación de servicio. Un equipo muy proactivo que siempre se adelanta a nuestras necesidades. Han conseguido crear una estrategia digital efectiva 100% integrada con los valores de nuestra marca en canales como Amazon y también en nuestras redes sociales"

Everything you need to know to start selling on Amazon and discover all the secrets to sell on the king of marketplaces.

We offer you one of the most complete guides on the market to understand how Amazon works and how you can start taking your first steps to sell through the marketplace