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Carrefour Marketplace is commonly known and is looking for new vendors to increase its assortment so they can continue to satisfy its customers

Carrefour Marketplace allows you to sell products of all categories and is the first to open the door to multichannel to its sellers, so that they can optimize their resources and diversify their business strategy. Do not miss the opportunity to start selling in Carrefour Marketplace, we will help you to do it!

Why sell on

Carrefour Marketplace?

Carrefour Marketplace is the leading retailer in Europe, with more than

170 million annual visits

on Carrefour Online made up of more than 8 million loyal households.

Join more than

1,000 salespeople

who have already decided to improve their profitability and diversify their commercial strategy. Década Studio is an agency specialized in the management of Marketplaces, so we can help you start selling on Carrefour Marketplace.

El Marketplace de Carrefour es el distribuidor líder en Europa, con más de

170 millones de visitas anuales

en Carrefour Online y con más de 8 millones de hogares fidelizados.

Te da la posibilidad de unirte a sus más de

1.000 vendedores

que ya han decidido mejorar su rentabilidad y diversificar su estrategia comercial. Década Studio es una agencia especializada en la gestión de Marketplaces, por lo que podemos ayudarte a empezar a vender en Carrefour Marketplace

What services do we offer

in the Carrefour Marketplace?

Our specialized Marketplace team will guide you through the process of opening and configuring your seller account. Starting to sell on Carrefour Marketplace is easier than you think.

We will set up your product catalog and publish your offers including all the corresponding information: images, copywriting in the descriptions and optimization of the product cards.

We accompany you during the whole process; developing personalizable strategies, verifying and analyzing each action to guarantee your growth and possible expansion in other marketplaces. 

Do you know the advantages of selling

on Carrefour Marketplace?


The main advantage of selling on Carrefour Marketplace is that it is known by everyone, which brings great confidence to the consumer.


You will gain online visibility thanks to the traffic that is already available on Carrefour Marketplace.


You will reach your goals under the guarantee and quality offered by Carrefour, benefiting from the tools it makes available to you and the user traffic it receives.


You will be able to consolidate a multichannel sales strategy, since Carrefour allows you to sell online and choose to have a presence in its supermarkets.


Carrefour Markeplace rewards its sellers.


Why hire ?

We are the best agency to sell in Carrefour Marketplace because:

Capitalizamos al máximo tu inversión Carrefour

Nuestro equipo de consultores especializados en Carrefour junto a las mejores herramientas de Business Intelligence del mercado desarrollarán una estrategia hecha a tu medida.

Analizamos las palancas de crecimiento dentro y fuera de Carrefour

para que puedas maximizar tus resultados.

Trabajo en equipo

Tu cuenta no será llevada por una sola persona, sino por todo un equipo de profesionales sub especializados que se encargaran de gestionar cada acción de su área.

Cuidamos de tu negocio dentro y fuera de Carrefour

dándole identidad y combinando el pensamiento lateral con la técnica


Metodología probada

Nosotros no improvisamos, hemos desarrollado una metodología probada que garantiza resultados en los diferentes marketplaces con los que trabajamos.

Somos una agencia especializada en Carrefour con sede en Barcelona.

Estamos cerca de ti para ofrecerte un acompañamiento personalizado y un recorrido one-to-one

Cubrimos todas las facetas necesarias para triunfar dentro de Carrefour

gracias a un equipo de expertos multidisciplinar.


Formación constante

Sin duda, trabajamos en un mundo cambiante y dinámico, sobre todo el de los marketplaces. Por ello, nuestro equipo está en constante formación para brindarte un servicio actualizado.

¡Existen diversos marketplaces como Carrefour!

Te ayudaremos a descubrir nuevos marketplaces que te ayudarán a expandir tu negocio


We make the most of your investment

Our team of consultants specialized in Carrefour together with the best Business Intelligence tools on the market will develop a strategy tailored to your needs.

We analyze the levers of growth inside and outside of Carrefour

so you can maximize your results.

We take care of your business inside and outside of Carrefour

giving it an identity and combining lateral thinking with technique.

Sergion de Dios

We are an agency specialized in Carrefour based in Barcelona

We are close to you to offer you a personalized support and a one-to-one tour.

We cover all the facets necessary for success within Carrefour

thanks to a multidisciplinary team of experts.

There are many marketplaces!

We will help you discover new marketplaces that will help you expand your business.


At Década we want to help you expand your business through marketplaces.

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(+34) 633 44 81 17

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