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What is

Amazon vendor?

The Amazon Vendor program presents a selling modality where you take the role of a direct supplier to the esteemed Amazon marketplace.  Amazon undertakes the responsibility of selling your products to the end consumers. This approach proves successful as it enables you to avoid logistics fees and other associated expenses inherent to selling on this platform. Your products are prominently displayed on the platform under the banner of “sold and managed by Amazon.” However, it is crucial to note that participation in this modality requires an invitation from the platform itself.

Why sell on

Amazon Vendor?

Selling on Amazon Vendor presents significant business potential and offers a range of convenient features to become part of one of the most widely visited marketplaces worldwide. With over 100 million monthly sales, Amazon strives to partner with top suppliers who can cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Through Amazon Vendor Central, you can effectively manage your product catalog, execute marketing initiatives, launch Amazon Ads campaigns, and most importantly, establish direct communication with Amazon to fulfill your orders.

At Década, a specialized agency in Marketplaces, we provide comprehensive assistance in managing your Amazon Vendor account, ensuring compliance with marketplace requirements, and achieving the highest service standards.


agency specialized in Marketplaces, we can help you with management of your Amazon Vendor account

and help you meet the requirements of the marketplace resulting in top tier service levels.

What services do we offer on the Amazon Vendor platform?

Have complete management of your Amazon Vendor account.

Amazon contact and contract management

Setup of new Amazon Vendor accounts

Registration of new products and catalog management

SEO optimization of titles, descriptions and bullet points


Purchase order management and logistics configuration

Launch and optimization of Amazon ads campaigns

Marketing actions

Case management

Management of charges for non-compliance of shipments, preparation and timings

Results analysis and reporting

Proposal of new growth levers, analysis of new markets and opportunities in other Marketplaces

Advantages of selling

On Amazon Vendor


You are the supplier of Amazon, one of the largest marketplaces worldwide: Amazon will buy your inventory in advance in large quantities, so you don’t have to manage much smaller individual sales.


Your products will always carry the Amazon Prime seal: Amazon will be in charge of managing all the logistics of your products, so it will make sure to guarantee users reduced delivery times and that they always carry the Prime seal. The “sold and shipped by Amazon” label generates great consumer confidence.


Greater chance of winning the prized BuyBox: If you sell your products through Amazon Vendor, they are more likely to have the BuyBox as they benefit from the platform’s algorithm.

Why hire

to manage your Amazon Vendor accounts?

At Década we are specialists in Amazon Vendor account management

Década is an agency specialized in Amazon and Marketplaces, we belong to the Official Network of Amazon Service Providers and Amazon Ads Partner. We have a series of certifications that endorse us as one of the best agencies on this marketplace and we want to help you build a custom strategy to increase your sales on this platform and other marketplaces.


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