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Logo-Decada is the sum of the talent of each of the people who are part of the team.


es la suma del talento de cada una de las personas que formamos parte del equipo

It is clear to us that being different is what makes us grow every day and achieve our goals.


CEO & co-founder


Alba es CEO en Década Studio, pero no solo eso, también es madre de dos niñas y profesora de Marketing en la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

¿Cómo compaginarlo todo?

Muchas ganas, buen humor y la pasión por emprender y apostar por nuevos proyectos.

Alex es cofundador y jefe de operaciones. Ser jefe de operaciones es sinónimo de gestionar el equipo y los diferentes proyectos que se llevan a cabo dentro de la agencia.

Además de eso, es experto en diseño web y UX. Mexicano, viajero y cervecero de corazón.


CoO & co-founder


Alba Castellet


Alba is CEO at Década, but not only that, she is also a mother of two girls and a professor of Marketing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

How do you combine it all?

A lot of enthusiasm, good humor and a passion for entrepreneurship and new projects.

Alex is co-founder and head of operations. Being head of operations is synonymous with managing the team and the different projects that are carried out within the agency.

Besides that, he is an expert in web design and UX. Mexican, traveler and brewer at heart.



Paulina Ferrario

Business Development

Years ago I decided to make a change in my life and started the adventure of living in another country being faithful to my motto in this world… “Life is too short to be afraid and not take risks. I’d rather be the person who says ‘I made a mistake’, than to say ‘I wish I had done that”.

Color fact… I love to cook for friends and host a good gathering and I am “Binge-Watching”, when I start a series I need to finish it as soon as possible.

I consider myself a positive and very dynamic person. I love to keep up with the latest trends and observe everything that happens around me. My curiosity has led me to continually train myself in what awakens my interest.

Besides, I love shopping and going out with my lifelong friends to tell us about our life in verse.

Laura Garrudo

Head of Marketplace Strategy

Alicia Rodriquez

Marketplace Project Manager

Alicia belongs to the 90s but is a child of the 21st century. This means that she can’t be separated from her cell phone but she listens to music on vinyl.

A mix of pop culture references, the audiovisual world and digital trends.

Lover of video games and a good beer in the sun. He loves audiovisual productions of any kind and sci-fi movies. Ferran joined Década Studio as a specialist in Amazon Advertising.

Ferran Bernades

Marketplace Project Manager


Marketplace Project Manager

Lina loves strategic planning, developing new projects and innovating from her most creative side. She lives at the forefront of business, technology and cultural trends.

She is passionate about traveling around the world, connecting with nature and living multiculturalism in each destination. His new passion are motorcycle trips and better if they are close to the beach.

A graduate in digital marketing, specialized in e-commerce and in constant learning.

Creative, motivated and team player. I am passionate about video games, sports and e-sports.

David Fontclara

Marketplace Project Manager

Sergio de Dios Masanés


My entrepreneurial spirit led me to enter the world of selling products on Amazon, where I discovered my great passion and trained in this specialty.

I am enthusiastic and proactive, I love outdoor sports, especially racquet sports.

Passionate about digital marketing and new technologies, proactive, dynamic and with a good attitude. Always open to a meal plan and if it is Mexican, even better!

She loves to travel and learn about new cultures. In her free time she likes to dance salsa and a rhythm she recently discovered: afrobeats. Her favorite dessert and weakness are Nutella crepes.

Kelly García


Diana Acosta

Content Strategy Manager

Diana is our Marketplace Management at Década Studio.

She is an expert in product listing management on Amazon and marketplaces.

Natalia is a numbers freak who let her creativity fly and studied Marketing and Image Consulting. She is passionate about creating, in order to transmit the true essence of a brand. A Colombian who does not suffer from embarrassment and even talks to the wall. She loves good sushi and Milo’s brownies.



Marketing Assistant

Andrés Sierra

Graphic Designer

Andrés joined the Década Studio team as a graphic designer to bring his passion for design to each of our projects.

He is also passionate about extreme sports and strong emotions.

Juan Daniel comes from halfway around the world, adventurer and sportsman but passionate about design and especially branding. His best allies are coffee and Photoshop, they are the best duo!

He says that the best therapy is to leave everything in the gym.

Juan Daniel

Graphic Designer

Cristina Freres

Graphic Designer

Cristina’s passions include risk taking, branding, traveling and a good matcha latte.

Cristina loves to explore different styles and ways to improve her skills. When she’s not designing, she can be found in bed re-watching Friends or looking for a new place to eat, one of two.

Fredy is passionate about design, but also about learning and facing new challenges every day.

He is UX/UI Designer at Década Studio. He loves racing and motorcycle mechanics.



Graphic Designer

Dídac Lopez Romero

Catalogue Management

Dídac is our Marketplace Management Trainee.

He loves Digital Marketing and soccer. He admits he loves tamarind and, if he had to choose a dessert, it would be ice cream.

Eva is our content writing and translation assistant at Década. She is an expert in languages, speaking English, German, Portuguese, French and Spanish. She loves music, so she spends her time singing. In short, she is a walking jukebox. Ask her any song and she knows it.



Content Writer

Creative sensibility and critical thinking are the heart and engine of

that’s why we get professionally and personally involved in every new project.

We believe you can expand your business to new markets with the right marketplaces.


 we are constantly looking for new talent to complement our amazing team.

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