How to take advantage of dates like Valentine’s Day on Amazon

If you have a product for sale on Amazon or are thinking about how to start selling on the leading marketplace giant, you can’t miss this article where we analyze how to increase sales on special dates like Valentine’s Day. Due to the current situation, sales in online commerce have also doubled. Amazon knows how […]

Everything you need to know about the RAP regulation on Amazon

If you sell in Germany or France via Amazon, this interests you. At the end of 2021, Amazon sent a message to all its sellers informing them that, starting in 2022, it will be mandatory for producers selling their products in Germany and France to confirm that they comply with RAP (Extended Producer Responsibility) laws. […]

Customize the images of the detail sheets for each country through Amazon Seller

It is now possible to customize the images of the detail sheets for each country through Amazon Seller Yes, it is now possible to independently customize the images of the product detail sheets for each country through Amazon Seller, allowing sellers to decide what they want to see in each of the markets they serve. […]

2021, the year of the Marketplaces

«There is no going back, marketplaces have become unstoppable» Unprecedented events like the ones we experienced last year had never-before-seen consequences at the health, economic and social level. Within this context, where the simple fact of going out was restricted in most cases, consumers had to look for new purchasing channels. These channels found them […]

Drive external traffic to Amazon and maximize your results

If you are looking for new ways to increase visits to your products within Amazon and, as a consequence, increase your number of sales and improve the conversion rate, you will probably be interested in learning more about external traffic campaigns that redirect to the platform . As we already know, Amazon is positioned as […]

Amazon Store: what it is and how to get the most out of it

Amazon offers sellers multiple tools and ways to improve the user experience when buying their product and also to make it stand out from the competition. If one of your goals is to start selling on Amazon, don’t leave any step behind and learn about all the benefits offered by the Marketplace leader. In this […]

Amazon Advertising: news to maximize sales in 2022

novedades amazon advertising 2022

This 2021 is over and in what way. Amazon surprises us every month with new features, opening new markets to advertise our products/brands, and improvements in data analysis. Knowing all the tools that Amazon makes available to us, as obvious as it may seem, can be decisive in achieving good performance from our campaigns. What […]

How to make the Brand Story our best ally?

With the beginning of September, Amazon offered us some updates for some of its sections. One of them was Brand Story. They have certainly improved the carousel considerably, offering new modules available and options to edit our A+ content. In this article, we will teach you a little more about the A+ content that we […]

Why should you sell on Amazon Business?

It is a reality that, today, most of us have an Amazon account or simply buy frequently through said platform. Next, we will explain the reasons why sell on Amazon Business, as well as the process to transport your business to the world of Amazon. What is Amazon Business? It is an Amazon created for […]

How to sell your products on Amazon?

Amazon is the leading marketplace, something indisputable when you look at its numbers and its users. When a person enters Amazon, they go through a process that goes from looking for information about a product, comparing with others and ending up buying the best option. Users do not enter only to buy directly, but rather […]