Marketplaces 2.0? The power of Artificial Intelligence

June has been one of the most important months for the Marketplaces ecosystem. From events, important announcements from Amazon, new players and Marketplace Intelligence. Artificial generando un futuro prometedor. Junio ha sido un terremoto para el ecosistema. In the different events in which I had the pleasure of participating, SellerEmotion, Digital 1to1 and MarketplaceSummit I was […]

¿Marketplaces 2.0? El poder de la Inteligencia Artificial

Junio ha sido uno de los meses más importantes para el ecosistema de Marketplaces. Desde eventos, anuncios importantes desde Amazon, nuevos players y la Inteligencia Artificial generando un futuro prometedor. Junio ha sido un terremoto para el ecosistema. En los diferentes eventos en los que tuve el placer de participar, SellerEmotion, Digital 1to1 y MarketplaceSummit […]

Los marketplaces: mucho más que una plataforma de venta online

Desde el comienzo del auge de los marketplaces, estos han demostrado ser mucho más que plataformas de venta online. El claro ejemplo de esto lo tenemos en Amazon, cuyas líneas de negocio esenciales van más allá de su faceta de ecommerce. El hecho de que Amazon empezara a mostrar en su plataforma publicidad en los […]

The keys to the Report on the impact of Amazon on Spanish SMEs 2021

Amazon has released the report on its impact on Spanish SMEs during this 2021. It is important to highlight the release of this data since the effect of COVID-19 on the online consumption of Amazon users is officially revealed and how it has affected directly to small and medium-sized companies. Since the beginning of the pandemic […]

Década Studio, an agency specialized in Marketplaces, launches the first Telegram channel in Spain dedicated to sharing daily news about the Amazon Seller Platform and Amazon Vendor


The agency launches its Telegram channel, DecadaNews, with the aim of offering Amazon sellers practical and useful information about the latest updates to this platform. This information is previously processed by the agency’s specialized consultants. Década Studio is an agency specialized in marketplaces based in Barcelona. In addition to belonging to the Official Amazon Service […]

Meet Unilae, the new PcComponentes marketplace

Unilae Marketplace

The PcComponentes Group and Multimedia SLU have decided to launch «Unilae», a new multi-category B2C marketplace that aims to expand throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom, thus helping different brands to sell their products in other countries. Currently, the well-known marketplace is present in Spain and Portugal, reaching figures of more than […]

Amazon Fee Changes 2022: Top Changes Sellers Will Face


Starting March 31, 2022, the new FBA and referral fees for Amazon Europe will take effect. The marketplace has indicated that it will adjust Amazon’s fulfillment fees to partially offset the increased ongoing operating costs it will face in the future. We have compiled everything you need to know about the main changes in Amazon […]

The Spring 2022 Offers are coming on Amazon, don’t miss the opportunity!

On specific dates such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or Christmas, it becomes more important than ever to launch special offers and promotions, since these are days where marketplaces receive large user traffic, and it can be a good opportunity for companies increase their sales and reach new customers. Amazon puts all its efforts into […]

2021, the year of the Marketplaces

«There is no going back, marketplaces have become unstoppable» Unprecedented events like the ones we experienced last year had never-before-seen consequences at the health, economic and social level. Within this context, where the simple fact of going out was restricted in most cases, consumers had to look for new purchasing channels. These channels found them […]