Decades ago a box was just a box, now it's the key element of online selling

Increasing your online presence is synonymous with increasing the turnover of your business. In a digital context in which online shopping is the order of the day, improving your online visibility becomes strictly necessary.

We want to help you discover new sales channels, while preserving and enhancing the essence of your brand.

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the world's largest online storefronts worldwide and at Década Studio we have the honor of belonging to its official partner network.

Década está certifdicado en Amazon
There is no doubt, the king of marketplaces today is Amazon, which has the highest volume of sales due to its good customer service, the trust it generates and the speed of delivery of their orders. Amazon is one of the most visited sites in the world with more than 500 million visits, which makes it the main search engine for products in the world. Thanks to its visibility you will be able to reach a much higher number of potential customers than in your private online store. Users who come to Amazon are already in the final stage of the sales funnel, that is, they go there to buy.

9 out of 10 visits to Amazon’s website end up buying

Our services

  • Consultancy of your brand on Amazon with a sales study and your products on Amazon.
  • Creation and configuration of your Amazon Seller account.
  • Definition of logistics and stock management (FBA, FBM).
  • Feasibility of expansion to European markets; France, Italy, Germany and UK.
  • Performance management and optimization.
  • Maintenance and management of customer messages.
  • Buy Box follow-up.
  • Marketing plan and product catalog definition for Amazon.
  • Inventory management, product feed and stock management.
  • Copywriting and product description optimization.
  • Ticket management, product replenishment and demand forecasting.
  • Product reviews and comments management.
  • Image optimization.
  • Launching offers and promotions.
  • Implementation of advertising strategies with Amazon Advertising, promotions and SEO on Amazon.
  • Optimization of titles, descriptions and specifications, keywords, rich content, images.
  • Analysis and tracking reports using Amazon’s analytical tools.
  • Creating your own Amazon store.
  • Organization and design of the store information architecture.
  • Brand identity and customization of your image on Amazon.
  • Ticket management, product replenishment and demand forecasting.
  • Development of your brand page with your own URL in the king of marketplaces.
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