How to successfully publish your products on Miravia: Manual Publication and File.

The new fashion marketplace Miravia stands out for its multitude of variations and its excellent reputation system towards buyers, which will generate maximum security and confidence for consumers. Therefore, let’s see how to successfully publish your products.

To start uploading the products, the first step will be to identify the key elements of your catalog. In this process, we will provide a brief classification based on different levels:

  1. By category: This involves grouping the products into different categories such as home, audio, food, etc.

  2. By function or use: Here, you’ll group the products in your catalog based on their functionality.

  3. By characteristics: This entails grouping the products according to attributes such as color, size, style, material, etc.

  4. By prices: Group the products into price ranges.

How to publish your projects?

To register your products in your catalog, there are two different ways. If you want to upload them successfully and avoid any failures, these are the steps to follow:


Set up all the fundamental parameters of your products one by one and step by step, starting from the product category, brand, weight, size, manufacturer, color, keywords, etc.

In the Home of Miravia, we will have several options, the one we should choose is the bag, and in this ‘Add Product

We will need to attach the product images, add the title and category, and then follow these steps that will appear automatically once the previous 3 fields are filled.

Product Specification (Brand, property of this category): Add the brand of your product. 

Price & Stock & Variants: At this moment, we will choose the variant where we want the product to be and add an image of the variant. We will include the essential part of the product, the EAN, price, SKU, and quantity. There will be a small purple button that will initially appear marked as active, so it will be enabled as soon as you upload it or to activate it later. 

Product Description: We will add the description and characteristics of the product. 

Shipping Information: In this section, we will have two options from the purple button. If you click it, you can directly add the size in the «Price & Stock & Variants» section and use it as a variant, or you can leave it deactivated and only add the weight and size in this section.

By using a file

We will be able to configure the parameters of more than one product at once and apply this feature to all the products you are uploading simultaneously, which gives us an advantage in terms of speed and security if we want to upload multiple products from the same category with similar attributes.

In the Miravia homepage, we will have to go to the bag again, but this time under «Bulk Add Products.»

The first step will be to download the file. To do this, in section 1, we will choose the category and click on the «Download Template» button. This will download the file that we will use to upload multiple products to the catalog.

In the first row, we see 5 colored sections:

Blue: This is optional and is used to indicate if it needs to be included as a variant.

Green: This is mandatory, and you will need to add the indicated sections and the images, which will be added through links. These images should have been previously uploaded to Miravia.

Yellow: You need to add the brand.

Neon green: In this section, you will find the most important sections where you need to add the size, color, EAN, SKU, price, and quantity.

Neon blue: This section is where you need to indicate the weight and dimensions of the packaging.

Once you have downloaded the completed file, you can upload it in section 2, «Upload the file after you have filled it in,» under «Upload Template.»

How can you optimize your products?

Images: The main image cannot be duplicated and must have a white background without any text. The image should only display the product, occupying 85% of the image. A maximum of 8 images is allowed, with sizes ranging from 330 to 5,000 pixels and a file size of less than 5 MB.

Product Title: The title must not exceed 255 characters, although it is recommended to keep it concise and clear within 48 characters. No sensitive words are allowed in the title.

Category: It is crucial to choose the correct category at all times, as it will help customers find the products effectively.

In Década, we have a 360-degree vision of the marketplace ecosystem and all the tools to help you maximize your presence in Miravia. Frankly, can you allow your competitors to have a presence on this marketplace while you still don’t use it?