The keys to the Report on the impact of Amazon on Spanish SMEs 2021

Amazon has released the report on its impact on Spanish SMEs during this 2021. It is important to highlight the release of this data since the effect of COVID-19 on the online consumption of Amazon users is officially revealed and how it has affected directly to small and medium-sized companies.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, many small and medium-sized companies have been forced to adapt to circumstances and change their business model, moving towards digital and starting to sell online. This has generally meant a series of positive changes for the 12,000 SMEs in Spain that sell on Amazon.

Compilation of the most outstanding data

  1. Of the 12,000 SMEs, 2,500 have exceeded 100,000 euros in sales in 2020 and more than 150 of them have exceeded one million euros in sales.
  2. 50% of SMEs in Spain export to clients around the world, which has allowed these exports to grow by 30% in 2020 compared to 2019, reaching a value of 650 million euros in exports in 2020.
  3. This growth has allowed and facilitated in the last year the creation of 30,000 new jobs in Spain and 3,000 abroad.

Among the changes revealed by the ‘Report on the impact of Amazon on Spanish SMEs 2021’ we not only find the outbreak of the pandemic, but also highlights the great investment that Amazon has made in improving its services. Amazon has invested 2,800 million euros in logistics, various tools, services, programs and training focused on Europe to be able to give greater help to small and medium-sized companies in Europe. The reason why Amazon has focused on this sector of its business is because SMEs represent 60% of the total units sold on its platform.

Thanks to this great investment by the marketplace, new programs are born, such as Despega

What is the Despega program?

In the specific case of the Despega program, it is a free training and consulting program to promote the digitization of SMEs that has already helped thousands of small and medium-sized Spanish companies in their transition to online sales, either on Amazon or on any other site.

Other programs

On the other hand, Amazon Business has launched two programs that have been of great help in generating no more and no less than 100 million euros in sales to business customers that included mostly multinational companies, universities, energy companies and health organizations.

The first program that has influenced the results this year has been the Amazon Launchpad program, which is focused on a B2B business and will help new entrepreneurs to launch their new innovative brands. Another program that will help innovators will be Amazon Handmade, which will focus on entrepreneurs who make their products by hand.

How to take advantage of all the advantages of Amazon?

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