Meet Unilae, the new PcComponentes marketplace

Unilae Marketplace

The PcComponentes Group and Multimedia SLU have decided to launch «Unilae», a new multi-category B2C marketplace that aims to expand throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom, thus helping different brands to sell their products in other countries.

Currently, the well-known marketplace is present in Spain and Portugal, reaching figures of more than 15 million monthly users, working with the best technology brands in the market. Now, with Unilae, the company hopes to take another step in its business strategy and expand its catalog and markets.

PcComponentes marketplace

PcCcomponentes is a Murcian company that was born as a small neighborhood store and that, with only 15 years in the market, has managed to position itself as one of the leading e-commerce companies, billing no more and no less than 650 million euros in the 2020. In the last 5 years, the company has almost tripled its sales volume thanks to its entry into the Portuguese market and the opening of physical stores, the first being in the Spanish capital.

The company understands the importance that marketplaces have gained in recent years, becoming platforms that have high user traffic, thus allowing companies that sell their products great visibility. That is why PcComponentes has seen the need to develop a new platform that allows it to expand the range of products it offers its customers to become a more competitive marketplace, since until now this brand was specialized in technological products. This is how Unilae was born.

What is Unilae?

Unilae Marketplace

Unilae is a marketplace that seeks to offer the best selection of products from various categories so that consumers can satisfy their needs in one place and with a unique shopping experience. It is also a marketplace that seeks to expand to other markets such as Italy, France and Germany and plans to reach all of Europe by 2023.

It should be noted that Unilae was also born as a solution to a problem that PcComponentes had in relation to its growth, as mentioned by David Morales Ecommerce Manager at PcComponentes in his Marketing4Ecommerce interview:

“PcComponentes sounds technological, people deduce that they can only buy computers and computer components, assuming a brake today. Calling you PcComponentes in other countries would also be a problem. We want to find a solution and add more categories so we built Unilae.”

Unilae also stands out for being a platform that seeks to promote the responsible and sustainable consumption of our planet’s resources, which is why it is concerned with creating alliances with environmentally responsible brands and vendors and that also promotes more sustainable consumption in its customers.

Thanks to the launch of Unilae, it is how PcComponentes not only manages to maintain its recognition as a specialist in technology and electronics, but has also managed to create a new space that offers new business opportunities to companies that are not within the technology and electronics sector. Likewise, through Unilae, PcComponentes has managed to reach new market segments by offering products that cover the different needs of its clients, whether they are related to decoration, gardening, cosmetics, sports and more.

How does the marketplace work?

Unilae wants to offer the user a unique shopping experience, thanks to a fast, friendly website with an intuitive interface. The purchase process and operation of the marketplace would be as follows:

Purchase of a product

Users make the purchase of the products offered by the vendors within the Unilae website and pay through the multiple options offered by the page.

Order notification

The purchase order will then appear in the seller’s back-office. In addition, notifications detailing the order will be sent. If the order management is automatic, the seller will receive the order through the API.

Order delivery

Once the purchase order is received, the seller will have to send it within the following 24 (working) hours.

Customer Support

The seller will be responsible for customer service and can only be contacted through the platform. On the other hand, the calls and live chat will be answered by the Unilae Service team. Questions made by customers will be forwarded to the seller if the marketplace does not have the necessary information to answer them.

Payment to sellers

Unilae will make the payments of the balances of all the orders delivered by the sellers on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month. The corresponding commissions will be deducted from this value.

Product returns

In the event that a customer decides to return a product, Unilae will be responsible for making the refund. The seller will not be paid for that order or charged a commission as the sale will be recorded as cancelled.

What benefits does Unilae offer its sellers?

Now that we know how the new PcComponentes marketplace works, it is important to understand why Unilae can be an excellent option to help you maximize your business profits and expand your brand to new market segments.

Offer a good shopping experience to your customers

The marketplace has a website that is fast, friendly and with an intuitive interface. In addition, it is a web page that is continually evolving and adapting to new features, improving the user experience.

Reduce your operating costs

Unilae provides the infrastructure you need to sell and increase the visibility of your products without the need to have your own e-commerce page.

Guarantee that your transactions are safe

Thanks to its fraud control service, it will prevent inconveniences when selling your products.

Facilitates customer service management

Unilae will be in charge of sending emails confirming the shipment of the products purchased by the customer, as well as the returns if necessary. In addition, it offers a call and livechat service that will be handled by the Unilae team.

It has a wide range of product categories

Within the marketplace you can sell from different categories, which can include fashion, sports, beauty, motor, home-DIY-gardening, toys, books, music, winery, pets and more.

What are the requirements to be a Marketplace Partner?

The initial requirements that you must have to become a Seller in Unilae are the following:

  1. Set the prices of your products.
  2. Deliver your products in less than 5 business days with a tracking number.
  3. Offer a complete description of the products.
  4. Publish quality images of your products and with a white background.
  5. Have fast and efficient customer service.
  6. Manage product returns quickly and easily.
  7. Have an EAN code (mandatory).
  8. Offer attractive products.

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