How to take advantage of dates like Valentine’s Day on Amazon

If you have a product for sale on Amazon or are thinking about how to start selling on the leading marketplace giant, you can’t miss this article where we analyze how to increase sales on special dates like Valentine’s Day.

Due to the current situation, sales in online commerce have also doubled. Amazon knows how to take advantage of this and also, every day, makes the consumer experience easier in the purchase process. The marketplace, for this type of date such as Valentine’s Day, is conscientiously prepared to take advantage of them with actions such as creating special categories such as ‘gift ideas’, ‘for him’ and ‘for her’, ‘things necessary to prepare a romantic date’. All this to make the sale of products even more intuitive and simple.

But not only the giant Amazon has to be the one that makes things simple for the products to stand out, you can also promote your products in different ways. Here we explain the keys to how to do it and we show you the case of Vermouth Perucchi that took advantage of this key date to increase its sales thanks to these indications.

Use key terms

Keywords are very useful when it comes to positioning your products, but on a different occasion such as Valentine’s Day, are you going to use the same keywords as always?

The answer is NO

These days, we all know that words like ‘love’ or ‘gifts’ are going to have a greater number of searches, so why miss out on these opportunities to try to position yourself in the most appropriate way and adapt to the moment.

Create Valentine's themed pack

It is a special date and that is why people are also looking for special and exclusive products, so why not make yours in a different way?

You can create packs with Valentine’s Day motifs, packs for him, for her, and even packs for those who are single. All in order to personalize your products and make them attractive on a designated date.

This is what Vermouth Perucchi did, bringing out its products in more attractive packs for the occasion.

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-17 at 11.15.30

Change the images

We all know that when buying what usually attracts our attention the most is the visual, a good image that details the product and makes it stand out. So, we must take advantage of this for the dates indicated as Valentine’s Day, do not use the same photographs as always, do more with reasons for the day, add elements that correspond to Valentine’s Day and thus stand out from the competition.

Another example of improvement can be your Amazon store. Not only modify the images of your carousel, also customize a store only for that date. These details will be the ones that make the difference at the time of sales.

Vermouth Perucchi designed different images that he added to his carousel and also customized the store.

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-17 at 11.14.11

Categorize the products

As we have well described before, Amazon these days creates new outstanding categories for this reason, take this opportunity to introduce your products in them. If the ‘gift ideas’ category is created, change your product to it on this date and by adding all the indications given above you will be able to increase your sales.

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