How to create successful strategies in Mercado Libre

Through the Marketplaces you can find various products or services anywhere in the world and at any time, so it is important that the strategies are aimed at retaining customers, attracting new buyers and increasing sales. For this, it is necessary to apply marketing strategies that meet the needs of customers and satisfy the needs of the market through an Action Plan.

What is an action plan?

It is a tool that allows you to execute the proposed goals and objectives in a planned way, being that roadmap that will mark the tasks to be carried out, the times and resources necessary.

Said Plan must contemplate at least: some objectives (achievable, measurable and quantifiable), strategic marketing plan, operational plan, analysis of the financial flow and profitability of the sector based on the competition, analysis of internal and external scenarios that will allow you to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business to anticipate having a more preventive than reactive action.

Among the successful strategies for you to get out of your «comfort zone» and get the most out of this digital platform and achieve greater sales, we find:

Keep in mind the special dates within the Marketplace

Having an action plan will allow you to better organize your tasks and therefore the times in which they must be executed. Marketplaces such as Mercado Libre handle special dates such as: Hot sale, Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday and specific dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other dates that will set the tone for an increase traffic on these dates, so you must be prepared to face them in the best way, achieving higher sales.

Take care of your most valuable asset on this platform: "YOUR REPUTATION"

Your reputation is a fundamental element that can mark your success or failure within the platform. It can be affected by the number of claims, delivery delays and cancellations.

What is reputation in Mercado Libre?

It is an indicator that shows the quality of service you offer to your buyers. It is decisive to generate confidence in the buyer to convert a visit into a sale. In the measurement of the performance in the claims, delays in deliveries and cancellations, there will be a color, which goes from red (it is the lowest) to green (which is the highest for reputation and additionally, you obtain a distinction that It places you among the sellers that provide an excellent shopping experience, added to a significant number of sales and invoiced amount).

Strengthen your customer service

In the digital age of sales, your approach to the customer is an opportunity for them to learn about your product or service and make the purchase decision. This opportunity should create a pleasant experience for the buyer both to make the purchase and to become a repeat buyer and a source of passive advertising. It is important that when a question arises, you can answer as soon as possible, encouraging dialogue, closeness and trust so that they choose you over other providers that offer the same product or service.

Optimize your posts

A picture is worth a thousand words. Within the publications of your products or services, the images are your «showcase» so that your buyer can «visualize» their purchase, find all the necessary information both in images and in text and if you can add a video with how to use it or some other important consideration, is what is recommended to make your publications more attractive and complete.

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