Find out what Amazon Retail Readiness is and why it’s so important if you sell on Amazon

Retail Readiness

What is Amazon Retail Readiness?

Amazon Retail Readiness refers to the optimization and review of Amazon product listing factors that significantly contribute to improving your conversion rate and maximizing sales. Its objective is that the product pages show relevant, elaborated and attractive content for the consumer, thus increasing conversions and better results from advertising campaigns.

Preparing our detail sheets for Amazon Retail Readiness is a critical component to success at Amazon.

If you aim to use Amazon advertising and not lose money trying, or even make sure you have the Buybox as much of the time as possible, then you definitely need to work on your product to get it as primed and optimized as possible.

How can you make sure your products are Amazon Retail Readiness?

In this article, we will give you a series of tips to get the most out of your detail pages and the performance of your products.

Elements that we must take into account to prepare our detail sheet

Having an Amazon Retail Readiness product implies working on different aspects of our listing, below we leave you a checklist of those to which you have to pay special attention.

  1. Products Title
  2. Bullets and description
  3. Image carousel
  4. Customer reviews and ratings
  5. Inventory
  6. A+ content
  7. Buy box

Product Titles

The title is the main component of the listing, it must have between 150 and 200 characters and it is recommended that it include: the maximum number of keywords, our brand name and key details such as the number of units that we can find, the color or the material of the product in question. Remember to put the most important features at the beginning of the title, since, in mobile format, the user will only see a small part of the title.

Description and bullets

Listings usually have an average of five bullet points or bullet points, in some categories it is possible to add more, and each of these bullet points is recommended to include a maximum of 500 characters. We must include the main characteristics of our product, as well as the keywords that we have previously studied, in such a way that the user has as much information as possible and we also help the positioning and correct indexing of our listing.

On the other hand, the description must have a maximum of 2000 characters and in it, it is advisable that we detail how it is used or what functions the product we sell has. This space is wider than the bullet points, so we can offer more information without any problem.


Images are undoubtedly one of the fundamental elements when the customer makes a decision to buy or not. The more visual information we can offer the customer, the better they will know how our product works and the fewer doubts they will have when making a purchase. We must offer clear and quality images, transmitting professionalism and confidence. Remember that the main image should only be of the product itself on a white background.

We recommend including as many photos as possible and we also recommend including photos of the products in use.

We have to make our product as clear and realistic as possible to avoid bad reviews or returns in the future.

Ejemplo de Imágenes

Customer reviews

If you’re going to promote a product on Amazon, you need to have a solid number of reviews and ratings. Although this detail is often overlooked, it is a very important point. To make your detail sheets Amazon Retail Readiness, you need at least 15 customer reviews.

Comentarios de Clientes


For Amazon, the stock of our products is a key element and often forgotten by companies. If we do not have stock or it is insufficient, Amazon will position us in an unfavorable way, since it prioritizes products with sufficient units, and therefore, this will negatively affect our advertising campaigns.

Improved content

The more information we include in our listing, the better. For this we can use the A + to offer more content to our clients or we can also show a little more information visually about our brand. Remember that in order to include improved content in your products you need to have your brand registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Contenido mejorado

Buy Box

In this case, if we sell via FBA, this item will show as sold by you and shipped by Amazon, and if you use seller’s fulfillment, it will show as sold and shipped by ourselves.

It is necessary to highlight that, for users of the platform, seeing the Prime seal and that a product is shipped by Amazon, gives them greater security and confidence.

When it comes to getting the Buy Box, other factors such as price, shipping times and seller ratings also come into play.

Once all these elements have been worked on in our detail sheets, we will have the Amazon Retail Readiness products, seeing our organic and paid results improve considerably.

We hope that these little tips will help you to obtain more sales and to have your listings with the highest possible quality.

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