Década Studio, an agency specialized in Marketplaces, launches the first Telegram channel in Spain dedicated to sharing daily news about the Amazon Seller Platform and Amazon Vendor


The agency launches its Telegram channel, DecadaNews, with the aim of offering Amazon sellers practical and useful information about the latest updates to this platform. This information is previously processed by the agency’s specialized consultants.


Década Studio is an agency specialized in marketplaces based in Barcelona. In addition to belonging to the Official Amazon Service Provider Network, better known as Amazon SPN, it is also an Amazon Ads Partner and has all the necessary certifications and tools to guarantee a specialized service to its customers. It also has consultants certified by Mercado Libre, the marketplace with the highest online billing in LATAM.

With the aim of transmitting key, useful and updated information to Amazon sellers about the news related to the Amazon Seller & Amazon Vendor platforms, the agency has created the first Telegram channel in Spain in the sector dedicated to sharing this type of information. news: DécadaNews. Thanks to this immediate communication channel, the agency hopes to help Amazon sellers closely and on a daily basis, so that they can get the most out of the marketplace and maximize their sales on it. It is important to note that the information that is issued through the channel is fully updated and has been previously processed by specialized Amazon consultants.

How to subscribe to the Telegram channel?

People who wish to be part of this channel should only subscribe through this link https://t.me/DecadaNews or by searching for them on Telegram under the name @DecadaNews

“Amazon is an ecosystem that changes daily and constantly, it is a demanding channel that requires time and specialization. Keeping up to date with all the news and updates launched by Amazon on its Amazon Seller & Amazon Vendor platforms on an almost daily basis is a complicated task for sellers, especially if they do not have the help of someone to help them understand and deal with this information and indicate how they can use it and take advantage of it for their day-to-day sales and operational management. Under this premise, the idea of ​​launching a communication channel where sellers could receive this information previously filtered by our consultants in the form of content «pills» was born, all with a very practical approach. Amazon is a living entity and that is why it is so important to update yourself daily. This is how DécadaNews becomes a space where to gather and centralize all the necessary information to get the most out of all the updates and evolutions of the platform.”Alba Castellet, CEO and Co-founder of Década Studio.

The publications that are made in the channel are sent daily during business days. Among the content that the agency shares throughout the week, we can find new Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor tools and functionalities in the form of information «pills», as well as more developed content such as a guide for Sellers to adhere to. correctly to the Reopening program of the Amazon European Logistics Network between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Staying informed about the new trends and changes that occur within marketplaces in general and Amazon in particular is essential for sellers, since these platforms have become a fundamental source of income for many companies.

It is not surprising that the number of sellers on Amazon is growing every day, the existence of a communication channel with specialized and filtered information from the marketplace being a real need. It should be noted that during the pandemic, e-commerce experienced 10 years of growth in just 3 months, as consumers were forced to find new ways to purchase their products.

In the specific case of marketplaces, they experienced growth of more than double the general e-commerce index, since they were considered an opportunity for companies looking for new sales channels. Thanks to these platforms, the different companies were able to offer their customers products that were in high demand, such as masks, office furniture, or even fitness equipment for the home. This is where Amazon began to stand out among e-commerce platforms, positioning itself as the main product search engine, even surpassing Google.

As of today, Amazon continues to grow every day, registering figures of approximately 600 billion dollars in total sales of the marketplace during 2021, and everything indicates that it will not stop breaking records.

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