Why should you sell on Amazon Business?

It is a reality that, today, most of us have an Amazon account or simply buy frequently through said platform. Next, we will explain the reasons why sell on Amazon Business, as well as the process to transport your business to the world of Amazon.

What is Amazon Business?

It is an Amazon created for SMEs, freelancers and large companies. Currently, Amazon is used by both customers and companies and some of its advantages are: downloading invoices with VAT, prices with VAT excluded and others that we will discuss later.

Anyone who has a NIF has the possibility of creating an Amazon Business account, the registration of which is completely free. Amazon offers us more than 250 million items, such as televisions, all kinds of accessories for our mobile phones, laptops, furniture… So, given its wide catalog of available items, we can say that Amazon meets all our needs.

Learn about the benefits of Amazon Business

As we have previously mentioned, the Amazon Business platform offers us many advantages, many of them designed for business.

The fact that the vast majority of users who buy online use and trust Amazon, or have heard about this Marketplace, cannot go unnoticed. Working with this platform is a guarantee of security for customers.

Below we will name some of the advantages of Amazon Business:

Prices with VAT excluded and invoices with VAT

For many, invoices are a headache and one of the biggest benefits that Amazon Business gives us is the automatic generation of invoices. This is a very positive aspect because you can simplify the accounting of your business.

In addition, you have the opportunity to browse Amazon and see the price of the products without VAT, a fact that implies that, when making your purchases, the net amounts are displayed. As data, sellers who adopt this service receive the Business brand.

Free shipping with Amazon Business Prime

Those companies that are subscribed to the Prime service will enjoy the same advantages as when they had their personal account. This means that you will be able to make fast, free and unlimited shipments without any additional cost and, in addition, you will be able to access an exclusive catalog and special prices. It should be noted that the products are delivered the same day for orders of an amount equal to or greater than €29 and all free of charge.

Purchasing policy

We can find a section to manage our catalog, which will allow administrators to configure their account based on their purchasing policies or their policies as a company. So if you are thinking of opening an account or have one, you will be able to set your approval criteria, such as restricting categories.

Quantity discount

One of the main characteristics is that it is a service designed for wholesale purchases, that is, large quantities. This means that we can find special discounts the greater the number of items we buy, and therefore the price per unit will decrease.

After reading this post, you already know a little more about Amazon Business, but this is just the beginning. From Década Studio we will be happy to explain a little more about Amazon.

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We know that facing the world of Amazon first can be confusing, which is why we make all our resources and tools available to companies to make this path easier. We want you to be able to get the most out of the platform, which is why we offer comprehensive management of the entire sales process within the great Amazon marketplace.

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