The guide to the 300 e-commerce companies that bill the most: what data to take into account to grow my business

Today, ecommerce companies are becoming essential companies in the economy of countries, in Spain this effect is clearly seen. Every year, E-Show magazine publishes the ‘Top 300 Guide’, which shows the 300 most powerful companies in three different categories. These categories are orders and billing, conversion, and finally average ticket.

The current situation of Spanish e-commerce

It is important to understand the current market in Spanish e-commerce before analyzing the three important categories:

  1. Orders and billing in the Spanish e-commerce.
  2. The best conversions in Spanish ecommerce.
  3. Average ticket of Spanish e-commerce

To begin with, 7 out of 10 Spanish Internet users buy online producing 22.5 million euros between the ages of 16 and 70 years. Within this range, those who are less intense buying are young people between 16 and 23 years old, on the other hand, those who are more intense are adults between 35 and 44 years old. The average cost of this age group is 68 euros, but it is important to mention that during the three months of confinement this average rose to 96 euros.

Orders and billing in Spanish ecommerce

The first category that is analyzed in the guide is that of orders and invoicing, the latter, invoicing, is usually the most important indicator when measuring the size of a company.

On the other hand, an indicator that is also usually considered one of the most important is the number of orders, and it is for this reason that they are usually correlated. For example, the first two positions of the two indicators, total turnover and total orders, are Amazon, with 175 million annual orders, and Aliexpress with 60 million annual orders, but not all online stores have this level. Of orders, of the 300 e-commerce on the 250 list, they do not reach a million.

This teaches us that the market is really controlled by a few marketplaces, and that it is important to understand them and know how to use them for your benefit.

The best conversions in Spanish ecommerce

The second category that is analyzed in the guide is that of the best conversions in ecommerce. The conversion indicator is essential to measure the results of an ecommerce, since it tells us the percentage of visitors who enter the web who end up making a purchase.

This shows us the real performance of the ecommerce, since it is clearly seen how the business is going. E-commerce in Spain have an average percentage between 1.5% and 2.5% compared to the world average that is between 1% and 3%, which tells us that we are in the world average. Within this average in Spain, the types of e-commerce that have the highest conversion are online supermarkets with 4.5%.

Average ticket of Spanish e-commerce

The third category that is analyzed in the guide is the average ticket of Spanish e-commerce. The average ticket is how much money on average consumers spend on each purchase.

The average purchase cost is 68 euros, but curiously during the confinement of COVID-19 the average cost rose to 96 euros. These ecommerce are usually companies with expensive products, hence the sectors that lead the list are technology and home.

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