SoloStocks: One of the most experienced B2B marketplaces in the sector

Solostock B2B marketplace was founded in the year 2000 in Barcelona and is the only B2B marketplace in Spain with a presence in 12 countries around the world, these being Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, France, Germany, Portugal , Italy, Poland and Morocco.

Thanks to its 22 years of experience, has managed to position itself as a benchmark for the online purchase of all kinds of products for companies and professionals. It stands out for its wide variety of products and services from reliable and safe providers.

What services does offer to its clients? seeks to cover all the needs of SMEs, micro-SMEs and freelancers thanks to its wide range of products and services from different sectors.

At, businesses can access over 1.6 million products from trusted and verified companies. Additionally, thanks to a list of more than 25,000 suppliers, as well as 6,000 types of products available, the buyer can determine the best purchase option considering the product and the price of the companies of his choice.

Why should you sell on this B2B marketplace? offers you multiple benefits that will help you not only increase your sales but also allow you to reach new customers from different parts of the world.

Here we leave you a list of benefits that you can obtain by being part of the network of sellers of this platform.

Launch your business to e-commerce

If you still do not have your own ecommerce page, offers you a new channel where you can maximize your sales and increase the visibility of your brand, without having to resort to additional expenses for the creation of your own ecommerce page.

Create a custom website

Through this B2B marketplace you can create your own web space for your business, which you can design according to your needs and characteristics of your brand. Your website will adapt to all devices from desktop to mobile to ensure that your customers always have the best shopping experience.

Tienda -Marketplace B2B

By creating your own website you can include all these features and functionalities:

  1. It includes an intelligent search engine that allows your customers to locate your products easily and quickly.
  2. Publish your catalogs in PDF so that they are available to your buyers.
  3. Indicate your location with Google Maps, so they can find you easily.
  4. Add a link to your social networks, so that your customers can keep up to date with your latest news.
  5. Create an «About us» section with photos of your company and staff so your customers can get to know you better.
  6. Share Customer
  7. Recommendations.
  8. Create a photo gallery of your products.

Sell ​​your products safely

For, quality and security are its fundamental pillars, which is why it has designed its website so that national and international payments are made safely, offering as payment methods: PayPal, bank card and transfers for amounts bigger.

In addition, offers its sellers a «Satisfaction Guarantee», which covers the amount of their sales and protects buyers who place their orders on the platform.

Facilitate the export of your products

The platform has a specialized team, which will advise and guide you on how to export and internationalize your sales to each of the 12 countries to which sells products. You will also have access to export training programs through webinars and export workshops together with ICEX.

To start selling to other countries, you just have to adapt your product catalog to the language and currencies of the market to which you are interested in exporting.

Exportar productos

What are the premium services offered by also gives you the opportunity to be part of 1 of its 3 premium services, known as the Bronze Pack, Silver Pack and Gold Pack. These packs will give you access to exclusive tools that will help you increase your visibility and boost your sales. Among its benefits are:

Increase the visibility of your products

Through the premium visibility service, you can maximize the visibility of your products and thus maximize your sales.

You will also have at your disposal a team of e-commerce consultants who will analyze your company and find the visibility solution that best suits your needs.

Have access to data and statistics offers premium companies a monthly report with 30 easy-to-interpret statistical data that detail the performance of their account within the portal.

Through this information, companies can make strategic decisions and improve the performance of their products.

How can you start selling on

To start selling in this marketplaces you will have to follow the following steps:

Register as a seller

To start selling on this B2B marketplace, you must first sign up on the following page. Here you will have to indicate the name of your company, your contact information and all the information that you would like to highlight about your business.

Put your products on sale

Once registered as a seller, offers you 3 easy and simple ways to include all your products on its platform.

  1. Through the website you can add each of your products manually.
  2. You can upload your products using the Excel template that is available for download from your account.
  3. Use an automated system that allows you to upload your complete catalog of products and that in turn allows you to make changes and update your stock.

Boost your products

Now that you have your products registered on the platform, it is time to implement strategies that allow you to increase the visibility of your products. facilitates this process through its wide range of Premium services designed to help you get your products seen by thousands of users.

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