PcComponentes renews its marketplace

What is PCComponents?

Pccomponentes is an existing famous marketplace in the world of technology and electronics. But this year with the boom that marketplaces have had, due to the pandemic, they have decided to expand their market variety. Adding what they already have on offer, technology and electronics, they have decided to add categories such as decoration, DIY, childcare or pet products.

What is the difference between what they had and what they have now?

The truth is that it already had a category of home, toys, personal care products and personal mobility vehicles, but always oriented with a technological base. This new addition of varieties will go further than the technology niche they are in, which will give them a larger role in the Spanish market. As many of you will already have realized by adding these new categories PCcomponentes is getting closer and equal to the marketplace model that is Amazon, which is the largest marketplace in the world with the most variety.

Why have they made this decision?

An important part of what led the managers of PCcomponentes to make this decision is a marketplace that they had in 2017, which allowed other companies, such as electronic toys, to sell on their marketplace. This represents 11% of the The company’s annual turnover was 133,333 orders in 2019 but tripled to 400,000 orders in 2020. To this success we must add the existence of PcComponentes Premium, which is an imitation of Amazon Prime, where with a subscription you get free shipping and access to special offers. This success has led to the decision to expand this marketplace in order to obtain more consumers and give more sellers the opportunity to display their product.

Today they already work with more than 200 sellers and the objective with this new bet is to increase this figure to 350 so that their sales volume increases by 90%. This increase in vendors could mean a drop in the quality of the product or delivery, but they assure through a statement from a representative of PCcomponentes that this is not going to happen, «but always maintaining the quality standards set by our company, where the service, customer service and ease of purchase prevail over other variables».

What do we recommend?

At Década Studio we are aware of the importance for different businesses to be present in the largest online storefronts worldwide. Above all, when this presence translates into increased sales, expansion into new markets, minimal infrastructure and operating costs, and much more. As can be your case if you want to start selling PC components.

For this reason, we offer comprehensive management of the entire sales process so that you can get the most out of online sales.

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