Miravia, the new reference marketplace for brands.

Miravia, the new reference marketplace for brands.

Everything you need to know about Miravia

With Miravia, a new manifestation of the marketplace concept is put on the table. The platform seeks to connect brands, consumers and content creators in a single space that aims to generate disruption. Among the novelties, the creation of exclusive content by influencers and virtual tools to test products stand out. In a context where personalization and user experience is increasingly relevant, companies will have the freedom to design their own virtual store on the platform, which will allow them to personalize their space and maintain their brand identity.

In line with the marketplace’s value proposition, focused on experience and lifestyle, the products it offers are focused on the medium and high-end range. The target is focused on the young segment of Spanish consumers, between 18 and 35 years old. Miravia seeks to provide the target audience with a unique shopping experience, giving them access to the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. To achieve this, the platform has tools that will target the personalization of brand stores, special campaigns to attract traffic to the marketplace, and integrated logistics thanks to the capabilities of the group that supports the brand.

Miravia seeks to delight Spanish consumers with the best products and connect customers with vendors in an advanced way. The platform is committed to supporting local sellers and Spanish brands to expand in a context of digitization. Many well-known brands have already joined this movement that will be talked about for a long time, including Disney, Lego, L’Oreal Paris, Nivea, Braun and Garnier.

What makes Miravia different from other platforms?

Miravia sets itself apart from its competitors by its psychographic approach, focused on lifestyle and fashion. The brand’s communication is fresh and youthful, focused on the search for authenticity. One of the manifestations of this strategy within the platform is the possibility that influencers have to create content about the catalogue, which allows customers to have a more tangible experience: they can see how the products are used in real life before buying. make a purchase decision. In terms of formats, brands have the possibility to create content similar to Instagram stories to encourage interaction and discovery of new products.

The focus on influencer Marketing within the platform is an innovation in the sector that constitutes a fundamental advantage for Miravia, differentiating itself from other marketplaces. In addition, the marketplace also stands out for offering benefits to reduce consumer costs and risks; such as free shipping on purchases over €10, 30-day return periods, fast shipping thanks to its warehouses throughout Spain and a catalog of international and Spanish brands.

How to start selling in Miravia?

You should bear in mind that the platform is designed to offer an exclusive and high-quality service, which is why only those brands that have been previously selected and approved are allowed to sell. Likewise, Miravia offers different operational tools, from integrated logistics through DBM (Deliver by Miravia) in connection with Cainiao to DBS (Deliver By Seller), the alternative managed by the seller himself.

At Década, we specialize in marketplaces and we are TP partners of Miravia. We want to help you develop a tailored strategy and expand your business in new marketplaces with the help of our team of specialists.