MediaMarkt launches its Marketplace in Spain

The importance of Marketplaces

Marketplaces have carved a niche for themselves in our lives over the years and they are here to stay. Today, they play a fundamental role in online sales and are the result of continuous technological evolution.

Marketplaces offer you a large number of similar items and services at the same point. With this, they manage to save the user a lot of time by not having to search on different websites, they have everything gathered in the same one.

Here lies the importance of the Marketplaces, in offering the consumer the products in an orderly manner and adaptable to their preferences so that they can see all the offers in the market at once.

One of the remarkable data of the Marketplace:

In 2020, the average number of Spaniards who consulted a Marketplace and ended up buying was approximately 60%. However, currently, almost 70% of Spaniards who consult a product in a Marketplace end up buying from it. This would be an increase of more than 10% in less than a year.

A great example of a Marketplace is Amazon, which gets 9 out of 10 visitors to buy on its platform.

There are already more than 90% of digital buyers who buy their products on this online platform.

MediaMarkt launches into the world of Marketplaces

MediaMarkt is a multinational chain of stores dedicated to the sale of electronic products with more than 1,000 stores in Europe.

Despite the fact that its popularity is already great, it has wanted to go one step further and enter the world of Marketplaces. Last summer, it already did so in Germany, the company’s place of origin, and this time, Spain has been the place they have chosen to continue their expansion.

MediaMarkt has decided to compete with other already established Marketplaces such as Amazon and newer ones such as PcComponentes.

The MediaMarkt Marketplace is launched on the market with a total of 16 merchants but with the goal of being 200 in just one year. Start this adventure with 300 product references in categories such as gaming, small household appliances and mobile accessories.

The goal of MediaMarkt

With this launch, MediaMarkt seeks to compete with the already giants of the Marketplace such as Amazon, but also seeks to expand its omnichannel offer and take another step to become the first option for buyers of electronic products.

What is the MediaMarkt Marketplace?

They themselves have decided to answer this question on their website where they want to give transparency to the changes they are having and clarify any doubts from the consumer.

At you can order from them, as well as from other Marketplace sellers. This allows them to offer an even larger selection of products.

When placing an order in their Marketplace, you make the payment on their website and the product will be delivered directly to you by the seller. The information, which they have entered on the ‘sale and shipping by…’ product page, tells you if the product is being sold to you by a Marketplace seller and their details.

From Decade Studio

At Década Studio we are aware of the importance for different businesses to be present in the largest online storefronts worldwide. Especially when this presence translates into increased sales, expansion into new markets, minimal infrastructure and operating costs, and much more. For this reason, we want to continue advancing in the world of Marketplaces.

Since after hours invested in training and knowledge we have become one of the few agencies in Spain cataloged as Official Amazon Partners.

On the other hand, we have taken another step in our journey and we are also official Consultants of Mercado Libre.

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