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Amazon has been a great opportunity for many companies to launch a new online sales channel and be able to access other international markets, especially thanks to its logistics network and the facilities it offers to sellers. Amazon has been able to take advantage of its great potential and has decided to expand its services to companies and professionals by creating a platform where they can find all the products they need to satisfy their needs from a single place: Amazon Business.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business España

Amazon Business is the B2B marketplace that Amazon has designed with the aim of offering a space where companies, whether large or small, and professionals can access a wide catalog of products at competitive prices.

Businesses can sign up for free and save time and money by being able to shop over 100 million items from this optimized business-to-business platform.

What is the Amazon Business platform for sellers?

This platform aims to help Amazon sellers increase their sales within the marketplace and opens a new space where companies and professionals from all over the world can get in touch and place wholesale orders. In addition, it offers tools to make managing these orders a much easier task.

Amazon Business is currently only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India.

What are the advantages of selling on Amazon Business Spain?

Get certifications

By being a seller on this platform you will be able to obtain quality, diversity and ownership certifications, which will help you stand out from the competition and capture the attention of more customers, thus maximizing your sales.

Automatic billing and display of prices without VAT

Amazon Business Spain offers you a free service that will allow you to calculate VAT automatically on the invoices of all your orders. In addition, if you activate the «Downloadable VAT invoice» badge, it will automatically appear in your offers to commercial customers.

VAT exclusive prices will also be displayed on your business offers to help you further increase the visibility of your offers and your chances of winning the Buy Box.

B2B Product Opportunities

By being part of the Amazon Business Spain seller network, you will be able to access the «B2B Product Opportunities» tool, which gives you product recommendations based on your current product portfolio and based on customer demand on Amazon Business. This information is updated weekly in Seller Central.

In addition, within this tool you will find the following sections:

Recommended for you: Here you will find the products that are in great demand in the B2B sector, but that have not yet been offered by other sellers on the platform.

Products that are not yet on Amazon: within this section, a list of all the products that currently generate a great demand on Amazon Business Spain but that have not yet been offered by any seller will be displayed.

Prices for companies

This B2B marketplace offers special prices for all its customers, regardless of the volume of purchase they make. It is important that the prices offered to customers are lower than the standardized ones, otherwise there will be no differentiating factor between the items offered on Amazon and Amazon Business.

Quantity discounts

By being part of Amazon Business you can offer your customers quantity discounts, which can help you increase the number of orders you place on a monthly basis.

Additionally, Amazon Business Spain customers have the ability to request a quantity discount on a specific ASIN by clicking the «Buy Quantity» link on the product information page. Then, all Business sellers, who have said ASIN, will receive the discount request.

Exclusive Offers

You also have the possibility of providing unique offers for your clients, which can only be accessed by business clients and not individuals. This will help you sell those products that have restrictions or require special permits to be purchased. In addition, you can offer professional equipment designed for projects that require greater expertise, such as construction equipment.

Access to central B2B

As an Amazon Business Spain seller you will have access to the «B2B Central» portal where you can obtain information about your B2B sales and other key metrics that will help you make strategic decisions to improve performance in the marketplace. As well as being able to identify those products that have the highest and lowest sales volume, in addition to learning more about the industries to which your customers belong, in order to determine what other products you could include in your catalog.

Process automation

Amazon Business Spain allows you to integrate your management system with the marketplace system through the transfer of documents. When working with large volumes of data, it may be more convenient to send and receive this information using an automated tool designed specifically for this task, especially when registering and pricing for businesses.

Marketplace B2B Store

Also, Amazon has the «Marketplace Store«, where you can find automatic solutions from both external developers and Amazon to facilitate the management of your company and make the most of this platform. This includes automating promotional processes, inventory management, shipping, finances, and more.

Now you know the benefits that you can enjoy by being part of Amazon Business Spain sellers, you will surely wonder what the requirements are to be able to register within the platform. That is why we tell you below everything you need to know to start selling in this B2B marketplace.

Requirements to start selling on Amazon Business Spain

First: You must have an account in Amazon Seller Central

To start selling on this platform, you need to sign up for Amazon Seller Central. If you still do not have an account and do not know where to start, you can read our guide «7 steps to create your Amazon seller account», here you will find all the necessary information so that you can open your account in Amazon Seller Central.

Keep in mind that after creating your Amazon Seller Central account you will have to wait a few days to start uploading listings since Amazon must validate and verify that all your data is correct.

Second: Sign up for Amazon Business

If you already have an Amazon Seller Central account, all you have to do is sign in to your account and sign up for Amazon Business through this link . Remember that being part of this platform has no additional costs for sellers who have the PRO plan, so if you have not yet registered, this is the time to do so.

Third: Have a good reputation

To be part of Amazon Business Spain sellers you must have a good performance record since Amazon requires that its sellers on this B2B platform meet much higher performance standards compared to its Amazon.com platform.

If you are not eligible for this program you can make a request to have Amazon review your case and determine if they can make an exception for you.

In addition, once registered within the Amazon Business Spain program you will be able to monitor your performance through the Seller Central Portal, which will provide you with personalized and updated metrics on your performance in relation to the requirements that Amazon demands of you.

Fourth: Meet the quality requirements

Since Amazon Business Spain customers expect high levels of quality in customer service as well as in the quality of the products, Amazon requests that the sellers of this marketplace meet certain requirements:

  1. Low pre-shipment cancellation rate (less than 1%)
  2. Low late shipping rate (less than 2%)
  3. Low rate of defective orders, such as having a reduced number of claims or returns.

In addition, it requires additional requirements related to the packaging of the products, which are the following:

  1. A tracking number for each commercial order package.
  2. A receipt with each order package.
  3. A purchase order number with each package, but only if requested by the customer.

If you meet each of these requirements, you can start selling without problems on Amazon Business Spain and be able to expand your sales to new customers and segments, thus gaining advantages over your competition.

At Década Studio we help you manage your Amazon Business Spain account

If you still have questions about how this platform works, you can contact us and we will offer you a personalized service to ensure that you can obtain the best results in this B2B marketplace.

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