How to start selling in Mercado Libre?

Sell ​​in the largest Marketplace in Latin America

The current conditions have changed the dynamics of purchases, going from purchases made in physical stores where we could go, see, touch and appreciate the characteristics of a product before buying it, within a few hours and why not, end up sharing a pleasant time with friends after shopping. We went from all this, to sitting in front of our computer or with our mobile phone trying to have interaction with our family and friends and also acquiring what we needed through virtual tools.

This situation led to an increase in more than 30% of e-commerce users in Latin America, becoming a channel that gained strength and forced many users to use it, as well as an increase in the percentage of the virtual transactions carried out.

As expected, these circumstances represented opportunities for many sellers who, despite having to close their physical stores, decided on these new channels, which, although they seemed complicated, became their most important tool for generating income.

In 1999, Mercado Libre was born in Buenos Aires, the dream of an entrepreneur who opted to create a Marketplace in Latin America that in a short time expanded to several countries and currently has a presence in 18 countries and is the largest trading platform. email from Latin America.

Why choose Mercado Libre to sell?

This platform gives you the option to sell new and used products, so there is no excuse not to start in this world of digital sales. We all have something at home that can represent additional income, that takes up space in the house and that has not been used for a long time, so let’s get to work!

Or if you are that businessman who started his venture and has not yet had the sales he needs to obtain an adequate profit margin or you are the owner of a store that had to be closed, but you still have merchandise that you «need to sell», this Marketplace gives you tools and constant online traffic that is as if you had your business open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and without physical restrictions because you can sell throughout the country and in this way, your customers can make their purchases at any time without leaving home.

Mercado Libre will only charge you a commission when you make a sale. Its percentage depends on the type of publication you have chosen based on the level of exposure and the financing options that you will provide to your clients.

Another advantage of this Marketplace is that it is not only an e-commerce, but it offers you multiple solutions that facilitate the online sales process so that you can safely make your payments with various payment options, it provides you with facilities for the process shipping your products, financing for your project, having a Store within Mercado Libre and advertising tools that allow you to achieve greater visibility of your products in this online channel.

First steps to sell in Mercado Libre

The first thing you must be clear about is whether you are going to register in this Marketplace as a natural person or as a company so that you have the information and files in digital formats to attach it, as appropriate.

To start in this world of digital sales through Mercado Libre and become a professional Seller you must:

Create your account.

You must enter the Mercado Libre website of the country in which you wish to sell, then go to the «create account» option and complete the data (according to whether you register as a person or as a company).

Log in to your account and select the “sell” option.
Choose what you are going to publish: Product, Vehicle, real estate or Services. Then write the title for your publication (Indicate at least: product, brand, model and main features to highlight) and select the category where your product will appear.
Complete the information of your product in relation to: Stock, universal product code, price, type of publication, the most important characteristics for the technical sheet, the shipping method, if your product has a guarantee, if you offer an invoice and the description of the product. product. This is also where you upload photos and you can also upload a video about your product.

Remember that the images of the product are what the customer sees first, therefore, they must be striking, be professional photos, that show the characteristics of the product in different angles (if applicable), that have a good resolution so that the customer can zoom in and appreciate the product features in depth. The first photo of the product is vitally important, since it is the one that appears in the listings and it must have a white background.

Click on the «Publish» option and with this, your product is already for sale. Now get ready for the flood of orders!

Década Studio accompanies you on this new path

We know that it is not easy to take the first steps, therefore, Década Studio offers you a team of Professionals who will advise and support you in all the necessary processes to start as a Professional Mercado Libre Seller.

We want to walk this path together, do not hesitate to contact us!

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