How to make the Brand Story our best ally?

With the beginning of September, Amazon offered us some updates for some of its sections. One of them was Brand Story.

They have certainly improved the carousel considerably, offering new modules available and options to edit our A+ content.

In this article, we will teach you a little more about the A+ content that we can offer as a company and the best practices to create our brand story, the Brand Story on Amazon.

How to Create a Brand Story on Amazon

The Brand Story, within Amazon, is only available to sellers who have the brand registration. If as a user, we still do not have said registration, it is convenient to do so since it is a point in favor as sellers.

For all this, we will show you how this tool works within Amazon and how to create a good Brand Story.

First of all, we will have to log in to our Amazon account.
We go to the Announcements section and select A+ Content Manager. We show it to you below:

  • We select Start creating A+ content.
  • If we have the option to create the Brand Story, you will be presented with two options. Click ‘Create a Brand Story’.

After teaching you how to create a Brand story, we will give you a few tips when preparing it.

Recommendations when creating brand story content

Amazon gives us quite a few modules to be able to choose the one that we think is most appropriate for the creation of our Brand Story but, leaving this topic aside, we will give you some tips that will be quite useful for you:

  1. Use the highest quality images possible.
  2. Highlight related products to make the shopping experience easier for the user.
  3. Show the details/aspects that make our brand or company unique.
  4. Do not use false statements within the content and be as transparent as possible at all times.

In conclusion, we could see that every day more people buy on Amazon or want to position themselves as a company on said platform. Therefore, we are at the moment in which transmitting our brand values ​​is more of an essential requirement than a task that we must choose whether to do or not.

This is our opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the rest thanks to this tool.

The importance of Amazon for Década Studio

At Década Studio we are experts in Digital Marketing and Marketplaces. We want to help brands create all kinds of content on amazon, which takes into account the new digital trends that are arising.

If you want to start selling your products online, Amazon is your place and we have a whole team of professionals willing to accompany you in the process.

We take care of the opening and configuration of the account, as well as the management of your product catalogue, optimizing the images of your brand and using keywords in the product sheets and descriptions to improve positioning.

If you want to sell on Amazon, feel free to contact us.

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