Amazon’s milestones in the last 10 years

Amazon has been making great milestones for a decade and breaking many barriers in Spain. Among these great milestones we have selected the most important of each year since Amazon arrived in Spain.

The first 5 years

In 2011, Amazon arrives in Spain with the marketplace model that has been flourishing in the United States for several years. Back then, Amazon only came with the sale of physical material, mainly books, music, videos and electronics.

In 2012, with the success of the first year, Amazon decided to start setting up good logistics in Spain and created the first logistics center in San Fernando De Henares (Madrid) with 40 employees.

In 2013, the launch of the Amazon logistics service (FBA) occurs, any retailer can store their products in Amazon warehouses and transfer the management of transport and customer service to the marketplace to optimize their distribution. This makes it easier for Spanish companies to use Amazon to do their business.

In 2014, at this point in Amazon’s growth in Spain, it is already sending thousands of packages a day, which gives rise to the need to create collection points for people who cannot leave their packages outside their homes. For this reason, more than 5,000 collection points are created throughout Spain.

In 2015, there are more and more SMEs using the Amazon platform and marketplace to do their business, with which Spanish SMEs that sell on the giant marketplace export 2.6 million units.

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For 6 years

In 2016, it is the point at which it is already clear that Amazon is here to stay in Spain, with which they take the next step to reinforce and improve their logistics with a new logistics center in Castellbisbal de Barcelona.

In 2017, in America, Amazon already has an important market in the gastronomy and supermarket sector, but in Spain it had not yet reached a strong position, for this reason they decided to launch the Foods and Wines from Spain store in collaboration with ICEX. Which allows us to focus on the strong gastronomy of Spain so that it is sold outside and inside the country.

In 2018, Amazon Business arrived in Spain, which in America had given brilliant results, since it is an Amazon service that was created with the self-employed, SMEs and large companies in mind. It provides its affiliates with flexible solutions and various benefits such as downloading VAT invoices or excluding VAT prices.

In 2019, returns were becoming more common, but so that they do not become a negative thing for the brand, Amazon activates the return service without labels using the original packaging in 2,000 delivery points.

In 2020, Spanish SMEs sold more than 40 million products in Amazon stores, partly thanks to the pandemic, but more importantly because of the feeling of security that buying on Amazon has compared to other marketplaces and e-commerce.

In 2021, Amazon Despega is created, which is an agreement with ACCIÓ, with the government of Castilla-La Mancha, Womenalia and the launch of ‘El camino del ecommerce’. All with the purpose of helping SMEs to better integrate with e-commerce in the market.

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