Drive external traffic to Amazon and maximize your results

If you are looking for new ways to increase visits to your products within Amazon and, as a consequence, increase your number of sales and improve the conversion rate, you will probably be interested in learning more about external traffic campaigns that redirect to the platform .

As we already know, Amazon is positioned as the largest product search engine, even being above Google. Taking into account the large traffic and number of customers that the marketplace itself already has, it would not be unusual for the question to arise as to why it is necessary to launch an external traffic campaign that redirects to Amazon. The real question we must ask ourselves is: “Why not?”

Launch your first external traffic campaign

There are a whole series of reasons why we should launch an external traffic campaign that redirects to Amazon that we will detail below, but the first answer is clear: because you can.

Taking into account that, as sellers, we find ourselves in a market as competitive as Amazon, we should not let any opportunity that comes our way pass us by. When it comes to maximizing the full potential of our products, we must incorporate different growth levers into our strategy so as not to “risk all at once”.

As we already know, Amazon’s A9 algorithm is based on sales volume and conversion rate, so especially when it comes to a new product that doesn’t have much movement on the platform yet, it can be really useful. drive quality traffic from outside the platform. Some of the benefits that we can get if we launch an external traffic campaign that redirects to Amazon would be the following:

  • The more traffic your product listings have, the more possibilities you will have to increase your sales. To do this, we have to take into account a series of factors that we will detail later, since a poorly carried out external traffic campaign can lead to a drop in the conversion rate of our product.

  • Improvement of the organic classification of our product. It is a reality, Amazon likes us to bring external traffic to its platform. More specifically in the United States, there is already the so-called Amazon Brand Referral Bonus, which offers sellers the possibility of obtaining a bonus for using marketing efforts outside of Amazon and helping to improve their advertising efficiency. This program gives brands the chance to pay them an average of 10% for sales from external traffic campaigns that lead to your Amazon product listings.

  • Stand out from your competition and diversify your channels. Many sellers decide to invest large amounts of money in Amazon PPC, but we must remember that this is not incompatible with accompanying our strategy of external traffic campaigns that redirect to Amazon to differentiate ourselves from the great competition of the marketplace.

  • Build customer loyalty and bet on a long-term strategy. Carrying out an external traffic campaign that redirects to Amazon will require a first step of analysis and sitting in front of a paper asking yourself who your ideal client would be and who you want to direct your campaign to. The next step will be to carry out a series of actions that bring you closer to that audience and make them interested in your product. In this way, you will achieve a closer relationship with your client that will go beyond the purchase, building loyalty and getting them to take you into account for future purchases and decisions.

  • Have you already decided to launch an external traffic campaign that redirects to your products on Amazon? In that case, there are a series of elements that you have to take into account before starting.

Elements to take into account before starting your external traffic campaign to Amazon

Before launching the external traffic campaign to Amazon, we have to check carefully that the product file that our potential customers will reach is well optimized. It would be useless to bring a lot of traffic to our detail file if it did not offer clear, correct and attractive information for the user. In this way, we make sure that our product has a good investment rate.

To guarantee that your listing is ready to be included in an external traffic campaign that redirects to Amazon, we have created this checklist that will be of great help:

  • It guarantees that your product offers clear and precise information, whose title, bullet points and description are easy and attractive to read, clearly structured and made up of relevant keywords.

  • Optimized and high quality images. Amazon allows you to incorporate an image carousel that should mix close-up product photos, lifestyle images, technical details if necessary, and infographics. Remember that you can also incorporate a video of the product where you can see more clearly how it is used and the benefits it has for the customer. Be creative! Images will undoubtedly be a decisive element for users.

  • Information and technical details. Complete the information fields indicated by Amazon as much as possible, so that the customer does not have any doubts when buying your product.

  • Include A+ content in your descriptions. This functionality will be available to you if you have a registered trademark within Amazon. Within your A+ content you will be able to incorporate additional information in the form of banners, logos, enhanced images and text.

  • Analyze that the price of your product is competitive compared to the competition. Remember that you can add coupons and discounts to make your listing more attractive.

  • Don’t forget stock! It is essential that your product has enough stock to avoid breakage.

  • Review customer reviews and questions. Reviews are often the fundamental factor for potential customers to make a decision to buy or not. Check them frequently and learn from the negative reviews.

    If your listing meets all these points… Congratulations, you can now launch your external traffic campaign that directs to Amazon!

    Remember that you can get more information on how to optimize your products in our completely free guide to start selling on Amazon.

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Ideas for your external traffic campaigns

We do not want random traffic, we want traffic that has the intention of buying and is likely to be loyal, for this we have to choose our audience very well.

Once you are clear about the audience you want to target, you will have to choose the platform where you want to carry out your external traffic campaign to Amazon. Here we indicate some of the most common platforms and some tricks to get the most out of them.

Google Ads

The most important thing to keep in mind before you start investing in Google Ads campaigns is to do good keyword research, as Google searches can range from very broad to very specific. In your case, you want to reach people with very specific searches and who have purchase intent.

Google Shopping

In addition to Google Ads, it is interesting that you start your Google Shopping account, since in this way users who perform a search can see the images and prices of different sellers who have their catalog on the platform.

To set up your Google Shopping account, you must have your own domain, since you cannot directly incorporate links to Amazon product listings.

Social networks

Social Networks are undoubtedly the place where we can best demonstrate our brand identity and generate a close and loyal relationship with our customers or potential customers. Whether through Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, remember to offer valuable content to your users in your organic posts.

In the case of wanting to launch a paid campaign, remember that you will have a great possibility of segmentation, so choose your audience well and create an ad with attractive images or videos.

It is important to take into account the sales funnel and the importance of filtering the people who click on our ad, since some of them will have purchase intentions and others will not, which could harm our conversion rate.

We recommend that our campaigns go to a landing page or our own website and, from there, offer an incentive for them to take the next step and reach our list. There are multiple possibilities, it may be interesting to take advantage of this moment to generate a database of our potential clients. For example, you can offer them a discount coupon in exchange for leaving their email. In this way, you will be able to carry out a subsequent Email Marketing campaign.

Email Maketing

As we said before, having a database and a list of possible clients will help you to be in control of your campaigns and not depend on other platforms. Through Email Marketing techniques, you can direct these users to your Amazon listings. Remember to offer them valuable and attractive content, with incentives such as discount coupons that encourage them to buy your product within the marketplace. In this way you will be able to create a relationship with your clients and avoid falling into the SPAM folder.

Taking all this into account, you could start to launch your external traffic campaign that redirects potential customers to your product listings on Amazon, in such a way that your sales, your conversion rate and, consequently, your position increase. within the marketplace ranking

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