Década Studio goes one step further and certifies part of its team as expert consultants for the leading marketplace in Latin America: Mercado Libre

década studio empresa mercado libre certificada

Our objective is always the same: to offer our clients comprehensive advice on all the areas of action necessary to achieve efficient and scalable operations in the different marketplaces. In the specific case of Mercado Libre, the leading marketplace in Latin America, part of our specialized team has achieved the title of official expert consultant for this platform.

Mercado Libre, created in Argentina, allows its users to sell and buy both new and used products at a fixed or variable price, as well as offering another series of private services. The marketplace skyrocketed its turnover by 73% in the 2020 financial year, with 3,973 million dollars and 132.5 million unique active users. Among the objectives of the Argentine company is to continue investing and betting on the expansion and reinforcement of its logistics network. Mercado Libre performs 6,000 searches per second and 4.2 million transactions per day, generating business opportunities in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, among others.

Alba Castellet, CEO and Co-founder of Década Studio highlights that «during the first weeks of the outbreak of the global pandemic, e-commerce accelerated and in the first months of 2020 it had the expected growth of a decade», so she believes that “now more than ever it is important to help businesses adapt to changing times and capitalize on new distribution channels according to the growing online sales trends that place marketplaces in the top of mind of consumers and marketplaces like Amazon in the main search engine for product information”.

década studio empresa mercado libre certificada

Década Studio, which is also part of the top 10 Spanish companies approved within the Amazon Partner Provider Network (SPN), broadens its horizons with the aim of helping companies generate new business opportunities and capitalize on their presence in marketplaces, which are They have become the main online sales platforms and have positioned themselves in the top of mind of consumers. The agency already has offices both in Barcelona, ​​where its headquarters are located, and in Madrid, demonstrating that there are no geographical limitations when it comes to e-commerce.

Década Studio has acquired the title of official expert consultant in Mercado Libre, added to all those that it already offers today, since it takes advantage of the tools offered by e-commerce platforms and, more specifically, the giants of marketplaces such as Mercado Libre or Amazon is essential to increase the visibility of the different brands and reduce operating costs to a minimum.

The Mercado Libre certification process requires that the company in question have certified consultants who have passed a very specific evaluation for this. In the case of Década Studio, this training has been given by the edtech organization ‘Digital House’ which has lasted for more than three months and has offered the team of the specialized agency in marketplaces a satisfactory and successful training that has finished with the approval of the final evaluation.

Alba Castellet affirms that «the focus of Década Studio is to know the reality and latest trends in our environment to help our clients capitalize on business opportunities through the opening of new online sales channels», for this reason the agency has opted for the title of Mercado Libre consultant, to continue offering its clients an increasingly complete service and with greater diversification.

Do you need help to start selling on digital platforms?

At Década Studio we are aware of the importance for different businesses to be present in the largest online storefronts worldwide. Above all, when this presence translates into increased sales, expansion into new markets, minimal infrastructure and operating costs, and much more.

For this reason, we offer comprehensive management of the entire sales process so that you can get the most out of online sales. If you think that Mercado Libre is too far away, we have to emphasize that we are specialists in the king of Marketplaces: Amazon.

Since after hours invested in training and knowledge we have become one of the few agencies in Spain cataloged as Official Amazon Partners.

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