Consumer trends for 2022

Since 2020, the consumer purchasing trend has been evolving and changing due to the situations we have experienced. For example, the global pandemic that has plagued us in the last two years has caused our searches and purchases to change, as have the best-selling items, e-commerce has grown by multiplying its figures and sales on marketplaces such as Amazon have skyrocketed, becoming the option most chosen by buyers. On the other hand, we see how each of the users has followed different criteria than the rest of the years, such as concern for the environment and local commerce.

For all these reasons, we have compiled a series of consumer trends that we are going to see in 2022 following the line of recent years. Below we detail each of them.

The local trade

One of the booms that we will see in 2022 will be that of local commerce, a trend that we have already seen in the past 2021. And it is that, due to the pandemic and multiple factors, citizens have become aware of the closest establishments.

Every day, consumers pay more attention to what they spend their money on and how they do it, which is why this trend is on the rise. As a business, it is advisable to dedicate a space to explain your product, who you are and how you work with it. You can offer the buyer transparency that will help them decide on one product or another. Having proximity distributors is something that many sellers are already betting on.

Ecological products

In these years we have seen that organic products and green consumerism follow a line of growth, which is why it will be another of the consumer trends in 2022.

And it is that, the buyer is willing to spend up to 20% more if he knows that what he is buying is ecological and respectful with the environment, this is because the citizen is increasingly aware of the world that surrounds us.

The era of teleconsumption

The pandemic left one of the great changes that we continue to see today, it is the advance in digitization. And it is that, electronic commerce was one of the protagonists in the consumer trends of 2020 and 2021. This is something that we are going to continue to see in 2022 and it is expected that this trend will continue to increase.

Consumers realized that shopping online can be quite useful. And on the other hand, sellers realized the same for their businesses. For this reason, many of them began to sell their products in large marketplaces such as Amazon, which is number one when it comes to searching for and buying products.


What is recommerce? Easy, it is an older trend than we think but that is now having its peak moment and it is that it is about selling second-hand products.

Recommerce encompasses everything from the sales of used products on social networks to the existence of platforms for this purpose. Consumers are increasingly interested in reducing their own consumption, aware of the negative impact this has on the environment.

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