Amazon’s Choice: stand out from your competition

When we are interested in a product, all users carry out the same process. We select the Amazon search bar, we write the name of the article in which we are interested, we click and, instantly, the marketplace offers us a whole series of articles that are intended to satisfy our purchasing needs.

Among all the options that the search that we have carried out on Amazon offers us, some sponsored and the rest organic, there is one that stands out above others and not necessarily because of its position, but because of a label that accompanies it and indicates that it is an “Amazon’s Choice”.

Taking into account the high number of competitors that are present in this marketplace, this type of badge can be a fundamental factor for the customer to make the purchase decision.

What are we talking about when we say Amazon's Choice?

If we hover over this small but recognizable label, the Marketplace itself tells us that it is an item selected thanks to «a high score and with the best price available for immediate shipping.»

Considering this, it would be clear, right? Those products with the best ratings and lowest prices would automatically earn the Amazon’s Choice label. But this is not necessarily true, there are a number of nuances that we have to take into account.

What should we keep in mind when we talk about Amazon's Choice?

Amazon’s Choice refers to a product chosen by Amazon as best for one or more searches, not for a category. When carrying out this search, it can be generic keywords or brand keywords. Be that as it may, the algorithm will only return a single product selected as Amazon’s Choice for each search.

It is important to highlight this since other types of labels or tags such as «Best seller» can appear several times on the same search page. The Amazon’s Choice is not necessarily the product with the highest number of sales.

In addition to the search page, this label also appears on the product page, indicating that this item is the best choice selected by Amazon for a given search.

In this case, Amazon tells us that this Hostelnovo product is Amazon’s Choice for the search for the keyword «greaseproof paper».

In addition, it should also be noted that this product is positioned first among the organic results but, although this factor helps, it is not necessary that, for a product to be Amazon’s Choice, it is positioned first.

So with all these nuances in mind, how can we get our products on Amazon to be considered Amazon’s Choice? Are there any rules that have to be followed? As it is a selection made by the algorithm, it will never be guaranteed that our product will achieve this badge, but there are a whole series of characteristics that we can work on to get closer to achieving it.

How to get the Amazon's Choice label and stand out from our competitors?

Here are a series of recommendations that you can follow to qualify for the Amazon’s Choice label:

  1. Have a competitive price with your competition: in addition, it is necessary to add that, although being the «best-selling» product in a category or subcategory does not guarantee Amazon’s Choice, it can help, since the algorithm will positively assess that it is a product with a high conversion rate for a search.
  2. That the product has few returns compared to other products.
  3. That there is no stockout.
  4. Preferably, be FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), that is, that the logistics operator of that product is Amazon.
  5. Get good reviews: Most Amazon’s Choice have reviews around five to four and a half stars.

Taking these elements into account, we could already start working to optimize our products and qualify for Amazon’s Choice.

Década Studio and its work with Amazon

From Década Studio we implement a comprehensive digital strategy, where we help you to position and sell your products in the reference marketplace such as Amazon.

Currently, 79% of users buy online and 96% of online buyers have used marketplaces at some time, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business?

There are many customers to whom we have transmitted this message and we have achieved that several products reach Amazon’s Choice.

For all this, we help you implement your digital strategy to start increasing your sales.

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