What is A+ content and why do you need it to improve your sales on Amazon?

Contenido A+ Amazon

How to improve your sales on Amazon thanks to A+ content?

Contenido A+ Amazon

Amazon A + content is amplified content that allows you to offer more information about your products to customers so that they are more informed when making the purchase decision.

To create this type of content, it is not necessary to have programming knowledge since, following the steps offered by the platform, it is very intuitive and easy to create. The only requirement necessary to be able to use Amazon’s A+ content is to have a registered trademark (Brand Registry), either from Amazon Vendor or Amazon Seller.

A+ content is located below the initial product detail information, after the description. You will find it under the heading “More product information”.

The A+ content tool is a very effective way to offer more information about your products and, in addition, increase your sales

How to add Amazon A+ Content?

To add A + content you have to go to Seller Central → Ads → A + Content Manager.

Within the platform itself, you will find a detailed explanation of the steps you must follow to create and manage your A+ content.

What are the benefits of adding Amazon A+ Content?

The benefits that having A+ content in your products will bring you are very broad, including:

  • Increased conversion rate: Adding A + content on the product detail page will allow you to convince those customers who are hesitating to buy due to lack of product knowledge.
  • Increase visitor traffic: By having more informative content on the product detail page, you can improve search term optimization and improve your organic positioning. This will make more customers find your product without you having to invest extra money. It will also help you boost Amazon promotions.
  • Reduce returns and negative comments: By offering customers richer and more detailed information about the product before making the purchase, you will create more confidence in the product. In this way, users will know with greater certainty what they are buying and once they receive the corresponding product, there will be less chance that it is not what they expected.
  • Motivate your customers to return to buy your products: Amazon A+ Content allows you to share and tell the story of your brand. Thanks to this, users will be more interested in the different products you offer and will be more likely to purchase one of them. By creating this positive shopping experience you will allow them to become loyal customers who want to buy your products again in the future.

4 fundamental elements to take into account about A+ Content

To achieve this it is important to take into account these 4 elements:

  • You must educate your customers as much as possible about the use of the product. Make sure that you clearly explain, in text or image format, how to use your product step by step. This will allow customers to be more familiar with the product and its corresponding use, avoiding confusion.
  • It is important to know your customers and their buying barriers when exposing your product in A + content. Knowing how your client is, you will have to decide what style you want to give to the images and the level of information that you are going to present. For example, if you are selling children’s toys in the A+ content, you can focus on how safe your product is for children and not so much on the use of the toy.
  • It is essential that all the images you use are of professional quality, so you will be able to give a better image to your brand and generate more confidence in the user.
  • It is very important to use your space effectively throughout all of Amazon’s A+ content. Your A+ content must be structured correctly and efficiently, trying to make the client understand the information you are transmitting. You must accompany the user in the form of text and images throughout your A+ content

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