TikTok, the social network that increases sales on Amazon

Have you ever wondered to what extent TikTok and Amazon are related?

It is undeniable that TikTok has joined the group of social networks that are on the rise and that does not stop growing day by day. It begins its journey in 2018, when it was launched in more than 150 markets and in more than 78 languages. Undoubtedly a revolution of this decade that still has a lot to offer us.

TikTok has undoubtedly become a revolution during this decade, being the seventh most downloaded application on mobile phones. In 2018 and 2019 it was the most downloaded application in the App Store, above other Social Networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

According to surveys, TikTok has conquered teenagers, 41% of its audience is between 16 and 24 years old. Therefore, this social network has managed to capture an audience that others have not, such as Facebook, which has not reached that sector of the population. According to the study, each person spends an average of 52 minutes a day on TikTok, so how many videos can they watch?

90% of users who have this application access it at least once a day. With this, the social network is never idle. And in a place where you can find a video of a magician performing his best trick, someone singing a duet with his favorite artist and another person doing the funniest challenge. Within this mix of content, Amazon also has its place.

How has the evolution of TikTok been?

It is also one of the RRSS that has evolved the most since in its beginnings, following the merger with Musicaly.ly, the network was full of singing duets and with more musical content. After a few years, it began to be filled with humorous videos and memes that became more viral every day, transferring to other Social Networks. The Social Network where dance and comedy dominate but which is making its way among the brands.

Today, it is the most viral social network, it has the capacity to double its users in a few days. According to the latest study conducted by IAB Spain, TikTok is up nine percentage points from the previous year.

The TikTok phenomenon in brands

Apart from everything else, TikTok has become one of the favorite places for influencers and brands since it is a different way of selling a product and it is giving very good results.

Did you know that 67% of tiktokers have bought a product after seeing it on the social network?

And it is that, brands have discovered a new way of advertising to reach an audience that, through more traditional channels, could not reach.

From Década Studio we have seen in TikTok an opportunity to expand your business and reach an audience different from any other social network, thus increasing the sales of your products on Amazon.

And it is that, TikTok has meant a before and after when it comes to showing content, you can see users use a product or wear clothes and inevitably go to Amazon to look for it, thus causing a call effect on the public.

TikTok, apart from being a social network for entertainment, we can see in it the potential that it can have for a brand and its diffusion

What happens at Amazon when a product goes viral on TikTok?

A case that we saw that managed to make a product the best seller on Amazon thanks to Tik Tok, is the case of the push-up effect leggings for women, which were sold in 41 different colors by storm.

This was the interest in a Google search for push-up leggings as a result of the video that went viral on TikTok. Importantly, in this chart, the number 100 indicates the peak popularity of the term.

It all started on the TikTok profile of Lauren Wolfe, a girl who usually uploads videos trying on clothes, giving advice on hairstyles or beauty. In one of her publications she showed some leggins with a push up efect for women that are for sale on Amazon, she describes the characteristics of the product and its benefits.

After making this video, he began to get likes, reaching 251,000, today. But this did not stay on TikTok, but rather transferred its popularity to Amazon where they have more than 1,000 reviews and their score is four stars, something that is difficult to achieve and maintain when we talk about a piece of clothing.

This was the growth in searches for «TikTok leggings» on Amazon after the video went viral:

Another example of how the virality of TikTok influences Amazon sales was what happened to a stuffed animal in the shape of an pulpit, which a girl who had given it to her uploaded a video. What is different is that on one hand the stuffed animal is happy and on the other it is angry.

This created an effect that triggered sales of the product on Amazon and its searches on Google.

Here we have the clear example of the peak that it achieved in Google search interest:

As in Amazon Spain, searches for reversible octopus also skyrocketed.

And these are just a few examples, but every day there are more people who buy something on Amazon that they have seen on this Social Network or that their favorite influencer has in their videos.

For all these reasons, more and more brands want to appear on TikTok and we are talking about a Social Network that has 800,000 million active users around the world, generating and watching videos from 15 seconds to one minute.

Increase your sales through TikTok and content marketing

Content marketing is one of the fundamental pillars to break through in the competitive digital world. Social networks are essential to carry out this content marketing strategy and, now, TikTok must also be part of it.

From Década Studio we implement a comprehensive digital strategy, where we are not only satisfied with selling your products on Amazon, but we also want you to create a loyalty relationship with your client thanks to interactive communication through social networks like TikTok.

We help you implement your digital strategy to start increasing your sales.

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