How to sell your DIY and gardening items online? Discover the advantages of selling at ManoMano

Are you considering selling at ManoMano? ManoMano is a marketplace specialized in DIY and gardening products. It was created in 2013 in France and, since then, it has managed to become the European leader in terms of online sales of DIY, gardening and home products. Currently, ManoMano has more than 3,000 collaborations with sellers who have contributed no more and no less than 4 million products among the countries in which the marketplace works.

ManoMano has offices in Paris, Bordeaux and Barcelona, ​​bringing together a team of 600 people that makes its international spirit clear.

Why sell at ManoMano?

Companies that decide to sell on ManoMano have a series of benefits, among which are greater visibility, the possibility of gaining strength in Europe and, as a consequence, increasing sales.

  • Visibility: thanks to ManoMano, you will be able to get direct traffic to your product catalogue.
  • Internationalization: you will have more market strength in Europe, since the marketplace operates in 6 of the most important markets on the continent: France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.
  • Increase sales: you will be able to increase sales as a result of increased visibility and internationalization. In addition, the marketplace offers you the creation of a personalized sales plan.

In the specific case of Spain, ManoMano increased its turnover by 250% in Spain during the confinement, this being the European country with the highest level of growth in the marketplace. In 2020 alone, more than 250 Spanish brands have started selling their products at ManoMano. Taking this into account, 2021 is expected to be precisely the year of consolidation of the platform, where international development in the United Kingdom, Germany and southern Europe will take on special importance.

ManoMano wants to contribute to the process of digitization of local companies in the sector

It is important to take into account that ManoMano’s target has begun to change with the arrival of the pandemic. Whereas before it was a place where expert purchases within the sector mainly stood out, now the number of amateur customers or even buying online for the first time is growing. If you want to sell at ManoMano, this is your moment.

What are the most demanded products?

As a result of the pandemic, the most requested products at ManoMano during the first months of confinement have been related to products necessary for teleworking and education from home. Products such as desks, office chairs, outdoor playground, shelves for documents and paintings. All this without taking into account seasonal sale items.

ManoMano logistics

As in other marketplaces, ManoMano has its own logistics service, called ManoFulfillment, which offers storage and inventory management. In addition, they are in charge of picking and take the product to the end customer. The platform wants to make things easy for users who want to sell on ManoMano.

What is a vertical marketplace and why sell on it?

When we talk about a vertical marketplace, we are talking about those online sales platforms focused on a specific theme or activity such as fashion, gastronomy or, in the case of ManoMano, DIY and gardening. We have already talked about other marketplaces such as MAKRO Marketplace, with products from the Horeca sector.

By selling our products in a vertical marketplace, we guarantee to reach the right audience, who are truly interested in the subject and who will be willing to

Do you want to start selling at ManoMano?

At Década Studio we are experts in digital marketing and marketplaces. We want to help brands create an updated digital strategy that takes into account the new digital trends that are arising. If you want to start selling your DIY and gardening products online, ManoMano is your place and we have a whole team of professionals willing to accompany you in the process.

We take care of the opening and configuration of the account, as well as the management of your product catalogue, optimizing the images of your brand and using keywords in the product sheets and descriptions to improve positioning.

If you want to sell at ManoMano, do not hesitate to contact us.

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