How to sell on MAKRO Marketplace Spain? Our experience as pioneers in the launch of the marketplace

Before discovering how to sell on MAKRO Marketplace Spain, it is very important to take into account the two main categories of marketplaces that exist: horizontal and vertical.

The horizontals are all those who sell products from different categories and sectors. General marketplaces, if you will. Surely marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress or even portals like Ebay come to mind. On the other hand, the verticals are those specialized in a single sector. Like for example Worten (technology) or Zalando (clothing).

Within this last category of marketplaces, there is one in particular that is gaining strength, expanding frantically across Europe: MAKRO Marketplace. This new platform is a project of the Metro Market group.

Taking into account all the possibilities and potential that this marketplace offers, surely you have asked yourself «How can I start selling on MAKRO Marketplace Spain?»

At Década Studio we have had the honor of being pioneers in incorporating one of our clients into MAKRO Marketplace Spain, which is why we want to explain how you can start selling on this platform.

What is MAKRO Marketplace?

MAKRO Marketplace Spain is a marketplace specialized in the Horeca sector and which is aimed, for the most part, at independent restaurateurs. This marketplace also makes its products available to any user, not only to professional buyers. Therefore, its business model is both B2B and B2C.

The same president of the Board of Directors of Metro, Olaf Koch, assured that the objective of the creation of Metro Market is to be the largest and most relevant Marketplace of the Horeca channel in Europe. And it is for this reason that more than 20,000 hospitality products are currently sold in the Marketplace.

So, when this project was started, they got down to work to achieve that goal and MAKRO Marketplace came to Spain from its most successful subsidiary in the country: Makro.

Makro is a chain of wholesale self-service stores, also specialized in the Horeca sector that, as we have said before and following Metro’s strategy, has brought to light a new vertical marketplace.

This has created a new business opportunity for every hotel company, right now that it is in one of its hardest moments.

How the MAKRO Marketplace works

The purpose of this MAKRO Marketplace is to be a unique business opportunity for suppliers to connect with professional clients in the Horeca sector, offering the opportunity to maintain very close business relationships between the buyer and the seller. For this reason, all possible facilities are put in place so that the supplier companies grow at the same time as the hotel companies. As in any marketplace, if the customer wins, the supplier wins. And as a consequence, the Marketplace wins.

All products sold on MAKRO Marketplaces are related to the hostelry

In addition, there are also Makro’s own brands, which generates confidence among buyers. These brands are:

  • Makro Chef: daily essential products
    Makro Premium: Gourmet range food
  • Makro Professional: Kitchen equipment
  • Rioba: Bar service products
  • Aro: Range of basic products to improve the profitability of the business

Knowing this, how can we sell on MAKRO Marketplace Spain?

One of the main characteristics that generates more confidence in the MAKRO Marketplace is that 100% of the Sellers comply with all the strict requirements set by the platform.

The idea is that before selling, the potential Seller knows perfectly how the platform works. To achieve this, the same vendor must fill out a registration and make a kick-off call with the central offices to have a first contact with the company, and for Metro to know the partners it has. Everything to build trust and so that the products sold on the platform are of quality.

And it is from there where the management of the store begins: the catalogue, the description of the products, the possible offers mentioned above (volume discount), billing, etc.

The process of publishing products works in a similar way to that of other marketplaces. It is necessary to use a default template offered by the same platform and the required fields must be filled in with the basic information of the product. Then we move on to everything related to product descriptions. There is also the tool to define volume discounts.

As we have said before, one of the things that characterize MAKRO Marketplace is the discipline and correctness they have when it comes to accepting Sellers on the platform so that no customer is left unsatisfied. This positively affects the reputation of the brands that are in the marketplace.

During the management of the store, the platform (like many other marketplaces) evaluates the store based on shipping times and details of this, such as the transport company, or the conditions.

It is highly recommended to be present in this new marketplace

The opening of this new channel for sales of items from the Horeca channel represents a very favorable business opportunity for all companies, both suppliers and customers. A platform like Metro Market that requires compliance with quality and transparency requirements gives the customer a sense of security when buying, that every product found on that platform will gain in consumer confidence.

Do you need help to start selling on digital platforms?

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