Década Studio and Vermouth Perucchi bring the Sponsored Brand Video to the world of vermouth

Década y Perucchi Video Amazon

Amazon’s Sponsored Brand Video is here to stay and we wanted to be the first to implement it in the vermouth market.

As we already know, Amazon Sponsored Brand Video is the latest from Amazon in terms of advertising formats within the platform. It allows advertisers to show the user a short video (between 3 and 45 seconds) that redirects them to the detail page of a specific product.

At Década Studio, together with Vermouth Perucchi, we have implemented this innovative format to the digital strategy of the vermouth brand within Amazon. On the Internet, users consume more and more content in video format. It is not surprising since it has been more than proven that the video format generates a higher rate of interaction than any other. If we talk about the specific case of Facebook, the publications that incorporate a video have an average interaction rate of 6.13%, while the rest remain at the figure of 3.6%. These data are provided are the result of the analysis carried out by the Hootsuite platform.

What does Sponsored Brand Video look like?

sponsored video perucchi década

Why settle for one image when we can use thousands of frames? The marketplace itself, Amazon, described Sponsored Brand Video as a great opportunity to stand out among the purchase results. With this in mind, why let her get away? In the vermouth market, at Década Studio we have managed to position Vermouth Perucchi as a benchmark in the vermouth and alcoholic beverages sector.

Do you want to launch your Sponsored Brand Video campaign with Década Studio?

At Década Studio we know that advertising campaigns within the Amazon marketplace are highly relevant when it comes to gaining visibility and getting your business to increase its sales. We want to encourage you to incorporate this innovative advertising format into your digital strategy within the marketplace. If you don’t know how to do it, remember that you have at your disposal a guide with everything you need to know to start using Amazon Sponsored Brand Video.

Our team, in addition to managing advertising campaigns in the king of marketplaces, also offers comprehensive management of the entire sales process so that you can get the most out of the platform.

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