Amazon Brand Story: what it is and why you should include it in your product sheets within Amazon

Amazon Brand Story

The Amazon Brand Story is an Amazon tool that is found within the A+ content, in the advertising section. As you know, creating A+ content helps us break through in the Amazon marketplace. On this occasion, thanks to the Brand Story, each of the companies will be able to tell their story and create a greater relationship with their customers.

Until recently we were only able to enjoy this functionality in the US market, but recently it has been available throughout Europe.

What is a Brand Story?

The Brand Story is a tool that we can find available within the A + content, both on Amazon Vendor and Seller.

Like the previous A+’s, it is located at the bottom of the main information on our product page. At the time of its creation, brands can choose between four different styles of modules, which means that we have fewer options than in A + content.

What is the Amazon Brand Story for?

The Brand Story allows brands to show who their brand is, what they stand for, what they want their buyers to know, and what they have to offer.

ASINs can be assigned to the story to designate which product detail pages it will appear on. This makes it even more attractive as you can create a story that applies to multiple products.

One of the uses that can have the most impact is using the Brand Story to show the interior of our company and the history of the brand. We can highlight the values ​​of our company and that of our workers, our vision and our mission, etc. Using all these elements correctly, we will be able to provoke an emotional and positive response from the buyer and encourage them to buy or at least take a look at our products.

What are its benefits? and why should you use it?

Amazon Brand Story

First of all, we have to be very clear about the fact that the better our content and its quality, the more conversions and new customers we will have.

The Amazon Brand Story is one more element to show presence within the marketplace. Above all, it will be a positive element for new or anonymous brands that, thanks to this type of content, will be able to tell their story and create a link with their customers, thus gaining visibility on the platform.

It is more than proven that customers love to feel connected or form a connection with brands. Within a sector with a lot of competition, users will decide to bet on brands with which they feel connected.

This tool is also excellent for brands with many products because it is a fast and effective way to show the catalog and the categories that the company in question works with.

What are the modules that we can use in an Amazon Brand Story?

About business card

It shows the most important information about the company and the product range. We can find a text block where we can include information about our brand and a logo.

Recommendation: Use it in the first place to present our brand to the public.

Business card media assets

We can find a large image with a text box and a small text body.

Recommendation: Perfect for the presentation of a product.

Four business card ASINs

Cuadros ASIN de tarjeta de visita

We can use this chart to feature four featured products with associated ASIN’s.

We can find an image for each product and a small title for each product. Each image is linked to the product sheet of the product in question.

Recommendation: You can use two of this type of card in a row to show even more products.

Questions about the business card


Preset questions with custom answers to provide more structured brand information. Also, here you will find 3 pre-asked questions in bold with 3 short answers.

Recommendation: Use this module to demonstrate your brand’s core themes and values.

How to create a brand story step by step

First: We select Start creating A+ content

Second: We select "Create a brand story"

Historia de la marca

Third: We choose a main brand image with logo

This will be the background image for the entire brand story, so it should be visually appealing and include a brand logo.

Fourth: We select a Module


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