What is the Mercado Libre HOT SALE and how to take advantage of it?

rebajas mercado libre

The Mercado Libre Hot Sale is one of the most important annual online business events within the platform and takes place in several Latin American countries on different dates. The Hot Sale, together with Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or other specific celebrations are the commercial dates where sales and visits to make online purchases in the Marketplace skyrocket.

It is important that you anticipate this event and be prepared to make the most of these discount campaigns and create successful strategies to sell in Mercado Libre that allow you to achieve the best results.

hot sale de mercado libre

What is the Mercado Libre Hot Sale?

The Mercado Libre Hot Sale is the most anticipated online sales campaign by both buyers and sellers of the marketplace where there are sales, discounts, promotions and various strategies are implemented to reduce delivery times, achieve greater traffic of buyers, increase sales, increase the level of searches, obtain new buyers and boost your business to maximize your results.

How to prepare to make the most of the Hot Sale?

The key to making the most of the Mercado Libre Hot Sale and other dates of commercial events is to anticipate to manage everything that is required to achieve growth for your business and position yourself as the best in your category, you must start with:

  • Prepare your store to receive a greater volume of users and orders: on these dates of promotions and discounts is when searches and therefore visits and sales increase significantly. Therefore, it is important that you are prepared to take on this volume during this event. And it is not only waiting for the date to act, but it must be done in advance so that you have time to organize, manage, optimize and adjust your processes, stocks and publications to the maximum.
  • Review shipping logistics: One of the relevant points to achieve and maintain a good reputation as a Mercado Libre Seller is Shipping. You should check if you are prepared to deal with a large volume of shipments at the correct times and with the staff you have or if you need to make adjustments and not let this affect your Reputation, but rather, that it can add to move forward.
  • Identify the products to which you can carry out promotions: this is crucial for your business because you must analyze the costs, stock, sales behavior and profit margins of those products for which you could apply discounts, promotions, combos, gifts or coupons for that during these campaigns you can apply the correct commercial actions.
  • Make these promotions known: if there is no visibility and you do not know what it offers, you can achieve little or nothing, even if you have fully done all of the above. An adequate marketing strategy will allow you to disseminate this information through various channels such as: social networks, email marketing, paid advertising and advertising within your Mercado Libre store and thus obtain the results you expect.
rebajas mercado libre

What were the results of the Hot Sale in Mexico in 2022?

The Hot Sale for Mercado Libre México was born in 2014 as an alternative promoted by the Mexican Association of Online Sales to encourage and promote electronic commerce through benefits granted to buyers such as discounts and promotions.

This year it was held from May 23 to 31, having on its second day its highest sales in the history of Mercado Libre México, registering 7,000 searches per minute every day during the campaign and evidencing an increase in sales of 43%, compared to the previous year. last year. Likewise, on the last day of the campaign, more than one million items were sold on this platform.

In this edition of Mercado Libre’s Hot Sale, express deliveries of 88% of the packages were made, which positioned it as the campaign with the fastest deliveries achieved in the history of Mercado Libre. The categories that had the highest sales were mainly Electronics, followed by Home and in third place, fashion.

Década Studio advises you so that you can join the Mercado Libre Hot Sale

So after seeing these figures and the opportunity it can represent to grow your business and take it to another level, it is time for you to be the protagonist of the following editions of these discount campaigns by Década Studio to consolidate yourself as the best of your category and day by day move forward on this path of online sales within this leading platform in Latin America.

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