What is the Amazon Custom program and how to join it?

amazon custom

If as a seller you have considered offering your audience customizable products, the Amazon Custom program is what you are looking for. Amazon Custom is a program through which users can customize products to their liking and, later, you can manufacture them to order.

Amazon Custom is within the Amazon platform but functions as a standalone store within it. For the user, it will look like a separate store although the products you sell there will appear in searches with the rest of the items so that they get visibility and more people reach them.

If you don’t sell on Amazon yet, we recommend you visit our guide where you’ll learn how to create your Amazon seller account in 7 steps.

amazon custom

Products you can personalize with Amazon Custom

We have all wanted at some point in our lives to buy something personalized or make an original gift, from t-shirts with photos or names, to mugs or can openers, to calendars and much more. All this is what Amazon Custom sellers offer you, where you can completely customize the products by adding names, photos, images or even the logo of your company on products such as phone cases, t-shirts, pillows, mugs, diaries, etc.

On the other hand, the seller himself can also offer a list of recommended customizations. If you are a seller and you know that your product can be customized, this is a market opportunity that you cannot miss.

As a buyer there are three things that you will have the option to customize:

  • Text
  • Image 
  • Product Configuration

The latter will depend on the type of product and not all can offer.

Text customization

In this customization option, the seller is the one who establishes the parameters of the text but the buyer will be the one who has the option to decide what text to put, in what font and in what color (based on what the seller has marked).

Typically, the text can be engraved, printed, painted, and embroidered to personalize different types of products such as clothing, ceramics, and even jewelry.

personalizacion amazon custom texto

Image customization

Buyers can use any image they want, upload it, and add it to their product. This gives the user complete freedom to choose the product they most want in the best way, a great idea for gifts and special dates. On many occasions, image customization also allows the option to add text. You only need to be clear about the specific resolution that the seller needs and the characteristics of the image so that it is seen in perfect condition.

Product Configuration

This last way of personalizing your products will depend on the type of product and not everyone can offer it.

In this option, as a seller, you can create a drop-down menu where customers will see each of the options they have to customize. You, as a seller, can put the options that best suit what you are selling. Also, this option lets you add an additional fee for extras like using a better quality material or a more expensive finish.

What Amazon Custom options can I choose as a seller?

When putting your product up for sale, you don’t have to choose just one of the previous customizations, if you think it fits with several you can offer them in combination. You can use all three types of personalization at the same time on a single product listing.

Currently, Amazon Custom lets you offer up to 5 surfaces with 10 customizations each and more than 100 options. In addition to this, you can choose preloaded fonts for the texts or upload your own.

You can even add emojis to your proposals and decide the number of lines of text you allow. In the images, you will decide if they can send you one or more, and where they will be placed on the product.

Finally, you can offer a preview of your listings before processing them to ensure that you are offering the experience you want.

Requirements to sell on Amazon Custom

You need to meet three conditions to start selling on Amazon Custom:

  1. Have the Amazon Professional plan and register at a link that they themselves provide.
  1. Sell ​​in one of these countries: UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, USA.
  1. Manage orders through the Business Partner Managed Network (MFN) or the Vendor Managed Prime (SFP) program.

All this does not have any additional charge since it enters the Professional plan.

How can I list my customizable products to sell with Amazon Custom?

To start selling on Amazon Custom and offer your products to a new audience you have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. First, you need to create your listing, just like you would with a non-personalized product. You must publish your products one by one and, if you have variants, you can add them as you would with other types of products.

* If you’re creating variants in bulk or for an existing product that you didn’t create yourself, click the Variant Setup Wizard.

  1. Once your listing is published, you will have to configure your inventory.
  2. Then, within Manage Inventory, find your listing and configure it to enable customizations, and add and modify the personalization information in the modification dropdown.
  3. For bulk customizations, just turn them on.
  4. For the personalization information you will have to follow the instructions indicated in Amazon Custom in detail.

*Product must be listed as ‘New’ and you must manage customizable products yourself as Amazon Custom does not support FBA.

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