What is Mercado Shops? Discover the other sales channel of Mercado Libre

Mercado Shops
Mercado Shops de Marcado Libre

Undoubtedly one of the parameters that are important to have a reputation within Mercado Libre is sales. Without sales, it makes no sense to have your products published in the marketplace. It is vitally important to increase your income and that you can get the most out of all the advantages you have in Mercado Libre. If you work with Mercado Libre and want to boost your income, you should know what Mercado Shops is.

What is Mercado Shops?

Mercado Shops is a Mercado Libre tool that allows sellers to create their own e-commerce store integrated into the Mercado Libre Ecosystem, which is made up of different solutions that provide an online sales platform, financing tools, logistics, and advertising. to collection and payment systems to boost your sales and make your business grow. With this store, you can add a new sales channel where you can offer your products. In addition, it will allow you to strengthen your presence as a brand on the Internet.

It is like having another point of sale with the same conditions and benefits of Mercado Libre that will allow you to make more sales without having to pay activation or maintenance costs for this Online Store. You can have a price differential in each channel (In Mercado Libre and in Mercado Shops), create promotions and discount coupons to encourage your sales. Mercado Shops is already integrated into your Mercado Libre account, with the option of customizing the design of your online store and having your own web domain.

Advantages of activating Mercado Shops

No maintenance or activation costs

This sales channel does not generate activation or maintenance costs since it is integrated into your Mercado Libre seller account so that you do not have to pay fixed monthly fees for the number of products you publish or the number of visits you get, but instead enjoy unlimited publications and you would only pay the Mercado Libre sales charge only when you sell.

Get two sales channels in a single management

You will have your products published in Mercado Libre and Mercado Shops, having a double possibility of sales and visibility, managing your sales and publications only from the «Sales» panel of your account.

Grow faster as a seller and reach the level of Market Leader

Stand out for the excellent sales experience you offer your buyers and for the number of sales you make on the platform. All the sales you make in any of the two channels (both in the Mercado Libre channel and in the Mercado Shops channel) will add up, helping you reach a higher level as a Mercado Libre seller faster and better position yourself to appear on the first search results. Remember that if you sell in the Mercado Shops channel, your publications will be seen up to 30% more in Mercado Libre. It is also an essential tool to create successful strategies and increase your sales in this Marketplace.

Enjoy the benefits of the Mercado Libre Ecosystem

By having Mercado Shops activated in your account, you will have access to all the solutions that Mercado Libre offers you to manage your shipments through Mercado Envíos, manage your sales with the different means of payment and financing through Mercado Pago and all your transactions. They will be protected with the same protection program that Mercado Libre offers you.

Link your Facebook and Instagram business profile

You can link your Facebook and Instagram social networks to attract more traffic to your publications and enjoy the benefits and security of making purchase transactions on the Mercado Libre platform and add more sales in this Marketplace.

Redes sociales

Mercado Shops is a channel that will allow you to have an enormous opportunity to have access to a large audience, thus boosting your sales and your brand easily and without generating additional maintenance or activation costs. In addition, you can share your stock for Mercado Libre and Mercado Shops.

Finally, remember that Mercado Shops is linked to your Mercado Libre account so that everything you post on Mercado Libre will also appear available on Mercado Shops to make your management more efficient and easy.

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Década Studio advises you so that you can activate this sales channel

Our mission is to accompany you step by step so that you can become a Professional Seller of Mercado Libre and make the most of all the opportunities and benefits that you have in Mercado Libre. By having this other sales channel (integrated into your MercadoLibre account) you can have more tools to enhance your development as a seller in this Marketplace and reach more sales and customers.

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