What are Amazon Ads and what benefits do they have?

Amazon Ads

What are Amazon Ads?

Amazon Ads is a pay-per-click advertising service that Amazon offers to its sellers to help them improve the results they get from their products on the platform. Thanks to Amazon Ads you will be able to increase the visibility of your products, reach a wider audience and maximize your sales.

Through Amazon Ads, sellers can select the type of advertising that best suits their objectives, in addition to determining the locations where they want their ads to appear and the people they want to impact.

What types of Amazon Ads are there?

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products

This type of advertising is intended to promote and increase the visibility of individual products in your catalog. Thanks to Sponsored Products, the items you promote will appear in the search results of your products and on the product pages.

For this type of Amazon Ads, you only have to pay if users click on your ad and are activated only by the search keywords that you assign to your ads. That is why it is important that you carefully select the keywords with which you want your ad to appear, otherwise it may not be very successful.

Remember that if you choose this ad type, you can select to have your products appear based on exact keywords, phrase match, or broad.

As for the duration of the campaign, you can also determine it to your liking, and you can stop it at any time, but it must last at least one whole day.

Sponsored Brands

They are the ads that are only available to those sellers that have registered trademarks. This type of Amazon Ads shows the logo of your brand, a headline and up to 3 products that you choose to be promoted in the search results. These types of ads will help you increase brand awareness and increase traffic to your products.

This type of ad, like Sponsored Products, works based on chosen keywords and you only pay per click. On the other hand, these Ads appear as a banner at the top of the results page.

Sponsored Display

Amazon Display

Sponsored Display ads aim to increase the reach of your products both on the Amazon website and on third-party pages and even in applications. Like the other types of Amazon Ads, payments for these ads are on a per-click basis.

On the other hand, Sponsored Display ads do not appear based on keywords, but based on browsing data and user interests. That is why it is important that you identify the tastes and preferences of the customers who consume your products. This includes features such as leisure activity preferences, music tastes, travel, entertainment, and more.

Amazon Store

Amazon store

Amazon offers its trademarked sellers the opportunity to create their own store within the marketplace to achieve their own web address of amazon.com/brandname, helping to build brand awareness and gain visibility.

Creating your own Amazon Store is also a way to promote your brand and your products without the need to make frequent advertising payments. However, in order to create your Amazon Store, your brand must be registered in the Amazon Registry. If you have not yet registered your brand and do not know how to do it, you can review our guide «Why is the Amazon Brand Registry important? and How can you register your brand?”, where we teach you everything you need to know to register your brand in Amazon registry.

If you already have your registered trademark and would like to create your own store on Amazon, you can also check our blog «Amazon Store: what it is and how to get the most out of it»

What are the benefits of Amazon Ads?

Make your brand and products known

Remember that one of the great advantages of using Amazon Ads is the ease of being able to promote and increase the visibility of your brand and your products. Taking into account that your ads will appear in the most visible areas of the marketplace, such as in the payment results or on the product description page.

Increase your sales

Thanks to Amazon Ads, your chances of appearing in the first search results will increase, thus making your products gain greater visibility and increasing the traffic received by the detail pages of your products and even your Amazon stores. This will help your products reach more people who are looking for products like yours and thus generate a greater number of sales.

It fits your budget

One of the great benefits of using Amazon Ads is that you don’t need a large budget to promote your products, since with only €10 a day you can start your first campaign. Also, by using Amazon Ads you can limit the total budget you want to spend and the number of days you want your ad to be available.

Know your customers

By using Amazon Ads you will not only be able to gain more visibility for your products, but you will also be able to learn about the people who interact with your product ads.

Amazon will provide you with a platform where you can monitor the results of your ads and learn important information about your customers’ behavior such as user searches, their interests, the time it takes to make the purchase decision, and more. This will help you identify if your ads are attracting the expected audience and even identify new potential customers that you had not considered as part of your target group.

How to launch a campaign in Amazon Ads?

Before you can start promoting your products, you must log in to your Amazon Seller account. Then you must go to the «Ads» tab, here you must choose the type of advertisement you want to make and you must follow the steps indicated by the platform.

Create a Sponsored products ad

If you want to create a Sponsored products ad you will have to choose the products you want to promote. Then you will have to choose between automatic segmentation and manual segmentation.

Keep in mind that automatic targeting means that Amazon will be responsible for matching your campaigns with purchase inquiries and products. While in manual segmentation you are responsible for defining when and where your ads will appear. In addition, with manual segmentation you can define the keywords and specific products for which you would like your ads to appear.

Create a Sponsored Brands Ad

To launch a Sponsored Brands campaign you must select at least 3 products that you want to advertise. You will also need to add your brand logo and a custom title. Finally, you must choose the keywords that you will use to target your ad and what will be the budget that you assigned to your campaign.

Create a Sponsored Displays Ad

If you want to promote your products through Sponsored Displays, you must select your audience, establish your offer and the daily or total budget that you will invest in these campaigns. In addition, you must select the products you want to promote.

Design your own Store

On the other hand, if you want to create a store, you will have to click on the “Stores” tab and choose between the custom templates and other dynamic add-ons that the marketplace offers you.

Do not forget to control your expenses

Remember that most Amazon Ads have a cost per click, so it is important that you keep track of your assigned budget to make sure that it has been enough to achieve the objectives that you had set for yourself.

Make sure you measure the performance of your ads

It is important that you measure the results of your ads since this will allow you to identify if the keywords or the segmentation that you have used have been the correct ones to increase the visibility and sales of your products. That’s why Amazon lets you track your views, click-through rates, new brand customers, traffic to your Store, ad spend, and much more. Thanks to this information you will be able to optimize your campaigns.

At Década Studio we help you launch your first Amazon Ads campaign

If you want to launch your first advertising campaign on Amazon and you don’t know how to do it, at Década Studio we have a team of specialists who will take care of the entire process. We take care of helping you carry out the study of keywords and audiences necessary to ensure that your ads always have the best results.

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