TradeInn: one of the leading marketplaces in Europe

TradeInn Marketplace is a leading ecommerce platform in Europe. It has more than 12 years of experience in the market and stands out for having 17 online stores specializing in sports and outdoor products, fashion, electronics, childcare, DIY and home.

The marketplace receives more than 360 million visits annually and generates more than 7 million orders. All this being possible thanks to the investments you make in advertising through the marketplace to attract new customers to your website.


How does TradeInn Marketplace work?

Tradeinn offers its customers a platform that provides a unique shopping experience, facilitating access to multiple products from different categories and brands that fit their needs. Users when browsing this marketplace execute the following process:

Product Search

The purchase process within Tradeinn Marketplace begins when users enter the web and search for a product.

Selection of sellers

Based on the search carried out by the user, all the sellers that offer the indicated product will appear, showing the price, delivery date and general information of each one of the sellers.

Buy Box Winner

However, the seller that has the Buy Box will be the first to appear in the customer’s search results. TradeInn Marketplace grants the Buy Box to sellers taking into account factors such as price, delivery time, customer service and stock offered for their products.

Products in the Shopping Cart

All products selected by customers will go directly to the shopping cart. This will be the same for both the products sold by the marketplaces as well as by third parties, ensuring that the consumer always has the best shopping experience.

Why should you sell on the Marketplace?

Increase the visibility of your brand and your products

TradeInn has invested more than 2 million euros per month in Google Ads campaigns, to increase the traffic that its website receives. This allows you to ensure all your vendors that their products have high visibility by users.

Expand your sales to new markets

Thanks to Tradeinn Marketplace, your products will be able to reach new consumers from different parts of the world, considering that this platform receives visits from more than 200 countries. In addition, it has adapted its page so that it is available in 18 languages, thus facilitating user navigation.

On the other hand, the marketplace offers preferential agreements with logistics partners that facilitate the transport and shipment of products regardless of the destination.

It has a wide range of product categories

Within the marketplace you can sell from one of the 100 product categories offered by the platform, which can include fashion, sports, DIY and much more.

Integra fácilmente tu catalogo de productos

TradeInn Marketplace has a specialized team that will help you during the process of integrating your catalog into the marketplace, making sure that this process is easy and simple for you.

How can you start selling your products?

To start selling in this marketplace you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Create your seller account

    The first step you must take to start selling on TradeInn Marketplace is to create your seller account so that you can then upload your product catalog, either manually or in bulk with the help of the marketplace API.

    Keep in mind that in order to open your account you must send the information requested by TradeInn Marketplace so that they can verify the validity of the data provided by your company.

  2. Start Selling:

    Once you have your account active, you can start selling your products, the marketplace being responsible for helping you increase the visibility and traffic your items receive on the platform.

  3. Confirm your orders

    When selling your products on the marketplace, you will be responsible for confirming the orders placed by your customers within 24 working hours.

  4. Send your orders

    It is also important that you send your customers’ orders in the shortest possible time and inform them about the estimated delivery time.

  5. Receive payment for your orders

    TradeInn Marketplace will make payments for your orders once customers have confirmed receipt of their orders.

How much does it cost to be part of the TradeInn marketplace sellers?

TradeInn Marketplace currently offers you 3 months of free membership and you only have to pay a commission of between 7% and 16% depending on the category of products you sell. However, at the end of this trial period you must pay a fee of 39.95 euros per month and comply with the same commissions mentioned above.

But don’t worry, you can cancel your membership whenever you want since the platform does not require a time limit or charges cancellation fees.

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