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vender más en amazon

Selling more on Amazon is undoubtedly the main concern of the different businesses that distribute their products through the marketplace. We are facing a platform in which we face thousands of sellers, so it is advisable to know as much as possible all the growth tools that we have at our disposal to maximize our results and not get frustrated in the attempt.

If you don’t sell on Amazon yet but would like to incorporate it as a new sales channel into your business strategy, we recommend you visit our guide how to sell on Amazon.

Once we have our entire catalog uploaded and the machinery started up, our main objective should be that our sales do not stagnate and that they gradually increase. In this post, you will find a series of recommendations that will be of great help to you. Keep reading!

vender más en amazon

Dashboard of growth opportunities to sell more on Amazon

Have you heard of the Amazon Growth Opportunities Dashboard? This is a page within Seller Central that suggests what actions you can take to grow your business. Sounds good right?

Amazon generates a list of personalized recommendations for each seller based on a series of factors, such as the evaluation of the sales potential of the different products in your catalog.

You will find these actions to sell more on Amazon in order of relevance, being in first place those that can have the greatest potential and impact if you carry them out.

It is interesting to know that this list of recommendations is updated daily, so you can review it once or several times a week to get ideas that help you maximize your sales.

Oportunidades de crecimiento

Those ASINs that appear in this Growth Opportunities panel with the «HV» badge will be those that have a «Great Value» according to the platform. This badge is awarded based on your sales or the number of sessions in which a customer has viewed this product. These are those references that are already important for your business and that it is essential to keep them optimized.

On the other hand, those that have the «HP» badge are the ones that are considered to have «High Potential». Products with great potential are displayed based on the past performance of similar ASINs in the Amazon store. They are the most likely to generate significant sales if you optimize the ASIN with the proposed measure.

Now that you know the Growth Opportunities Panel to sell more on Amazon, it’s time to get to know the rest of the tools that we can use to maximize our results.

Take advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA

When we talk about FBA, we are talking about the logistics system that Amazon offers to its sellers to facilitate the process of delivering products to its customers both nationally and internationally. Sellers using this program can store their items within Amazon warehouses and give the marketplace the responsibility of getting their orders home to users. Undoubtedly, using FBA can help us sell more on Amazon because it will help us expand our business in Europe, improve our positioning on Amazon, get the Prime badge and offer the best service to customers.

If you want to know more about Fulfillment by Amazon, we recommend you visit this guide to Selling on Amazon with FBA.

One of the elements that stands out in the previously mentioned Opportunities Panel is the Subscribe and Save program.

Subscribe and Save Program

Subscribe and Save is Amazon’s most important customer loyalty program, as it allows users to save time and money by setting up regular deliveries of the products they use most frequently. In this way, it helps drive recurring purchases, improve brand awareness and, as a consequence, sell more on Amazon.

According to marketplace estimates, the Subscribe and Save program drives an average increase of more than 20% in revenue from an ASIN.

suscribete y ahorra

Sell ​​more on Amazon with Amazon ADS

Another of the Opportunities Panel recommendations are Sponsored Products. This type of ads is intended to increase the visibility of the products in your catalog individually. Thanks to Sponsored Product, our products will appear among the first search results and on the product pages of the competition.

This is a form of Cost Per Click advertising, so you only have to pay when users click on the ad. They are activated only for the search keywords that you assign to your ads, so it is important to be careful with your targeting.

In addition to Sponsored Products, there are other types of advertising and each one adapts to different needs and objectives. We recommend you take a look at the guide on what Amazon Ads are and what benefits they have.

Add rich content to your listing and improve its conversion

Selling on Amazon is important, but that the customer is satisfied with the product received and there are no returns is even more so. When we have an optimized product sheet, where we include clear and worked images with information about the article itself, in addition to a title, bullet points and developed description, it is more likely that our conversion rate will increase and, in addition, fewer returns. The reason is simple: the better explained the product is, the fewer doubts the consumer will have.

Within the image carousels, it is recommended, as indicated by the Opportunities Panel, to include a main image and even a video. Videos are a great way to show our product in action, describe it, and tell a unique story about it. Including a video in our carousels can attract more customers and, as a result, help us sell more on Amazon.

In addition to the videos in the image carousels, we must also work on our A+ content. It is important to remember that to have access to create this type of content, we have to have our trademark registered within the Brand Registry.

vender más en amazon perucchi

A+ content can help us improve sales and increase the conversion of a product. In addition, there is also the option to add a comparative table module to our A+ content for the ASINs that we indicate. This will help us compare aspects of various products in the same line. It can also be used as a cross selling tactic, to show complementary products of our brand.

Start selling more on Amazon thanks to B2B

Amazon Business is the space designed by Amazon so that companies, whether large or small, and professionals can access a wide range of products with competitive prices, intended for wholesale sales.

Registering to sell B2B on Amazon is free and can help us save time and money. It is basically a channel through which companies and professionals from all over the world can get in touch and place wholesale orders.

Selling on Amazon Business Spain has a series of advantages such as the possibility of obtaining quality certifications, automatic billing, display of prices without VAT, B2B product opportunities, prices for companies, quantity discounts, exclusive offers, process automation and much more. .

EAt Década Studio, specialists in marketplaces, we put a lot of effort into keeping up with the tools that Amazon is launching for sellers, so much so that we have created our own Telegram channel: Década News.

Our goal is to help you sell more on Amazon, thanks to the creation of a personalized sales strategy adapted to your needs. We have a multidisciplinary team, where each of its members is specialized in a growth area within Amazon.

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