Prepare your Amazon Ads campaigns for Prime Day, bet on a winning strategy!

It’s time to start preparing your Amazon Ads campaigns for Amazon Prime Day. Although the exact dates for Prime Day 2022 have not been officially announced, Amazon has confirmed that it will take place in July. Each new event exceeds its sales volume from the previous year, standing in 2021 with more than 250 million products sold and estimated sales of 11,000 million dollars. Without a doubt, Prime Day is an ideal day for sellers to take out all their artillery and take advantage of the great visibility that the platform has that day.

According to a recent Amazon study, brands that advertise before and during Prime Day increase awareness by 216% and purchase considerations by 214%. Sounds good, right?

For this reason, with a month to go for this event, it is the ideal time for sellers on this platform to launch their Amazon Ads campaign strategies for Prime Day.

From Década Studio it is advisable to follow an «always on» strategy with actions that range from brand awareness to loyalty. This approach suggests not focusing advertising efforts solely on the conversion phase, but rather having an impact beyond the simple act of purchase, accompanying the customer at all stages, both in considering the brand for new consumers with retargeting campaigns and retaining first-time customers to retain them.

For this strategy to be carried out effectively, a balance must be found between visibility (SEM) and conversion (SEO), since despite having a good advertising strategy if this is not complemented by an optimized listing (in terms of the title, description, bullet points, images, reviews, stock and A+ content) is not going to get the desired performance.

Amazon Advertising solutions to create your Amazon Ads campaigns for Prime Day

Amazon offers within its pay-per-click advertising platform, where advertisers can place advertising in different locations and segment the audience, using different locations depending on the strategy and stage of the brand. In this way, you can take advantage of a flow of high-quality visitors who are on Amazon with the firm objective of making a purchase (high probability of conversion).

In the following blog you can learn about the basics of Amazon Ads and how it can help your business: What are Amazon Ads and what benefits do they have?

The specialized advertising department of the Década Studio agency recommends using the following tools in order to grow your brand and position your products:

Sponsored Products: This is the format most focused on direct sales, since the listing of individual products is announced and redirects directly to their detail page where you can obtain it. These ads are highly converting as they help customers find products quickly through search results or on product detail pages, depending on what you’ve targeted.

  • Sponsored Brands: aimed at making the brand known. This placement is made up of a headline, 3 products and the logo of the brand (with other options to add an image, video or redirect directly to the «Store» of the brand).
  • Sponsored Display: Based on the consideration stage of a product, this advertising is placed within the detail page of another similar product (according to segmentation), usually from the competition to steal sales. With this format, a remarketing approach can also be made, with the aim of impacting again those users who have previously visited the detail page of the brand’s products.

To define an advertising strategy taking advantage of these formats, there are three types of actions with which to segment campaigns to focus the budget:

  • Defense: This is a way of portfolio and brand defense, brand keyword placements will be protected. Crosselling will also be sought through Sponsored Display or segmenting our products with the rest of the catalog using Sponsored Products.
  • Generic: it is based on covering all the most generic keywords according to the category of the advertised product. This strategy would have to suppose the greatest investment, because they are the most competitive keywords and with high bids, but it is the best way of the three to position the products.
  • Attack: we are going to take advantage of the competition’s positioning by bidding on these to invade their detail pages.

Plan your ads for Prime Day 2022

In order for the strategy to be consolidated and the objectives to be achieved, it is convenient to plan this event with three periods with which we will try to optimize our work.

  • Previously: as a first step it is essential that the detail pages of each product are well prepared and complete (“retail ready”), as we have previously mentioned, this transmits confidence to the client and increases the possibility of conversion. In addition, we must also have ready the coupons for the products that we want to promote. We recommend you visit our guide on how to create Prime Day deals
  • During: during this event, you must give maximum visibility to the offers, taking advantage of the campaigns aggressively (with bids suggested by Amazon or even higher), with the aim of maximizing sales.
  • Subsequently: with the results obtained from advertising we will try to optimize these strategies and analyze which data has obtained the highest conversion. From this moment on, retargeting campaigns can also be launched.

All this will not be possible if other factors unrelated to the customer’s purchase, such as stocks, have not been specifically defined and prepared for this Prime Day. Therefore, the entire strategy, in addition to the marketing strategy, must be established in time to have a margin if any inconvenience arises.

This is an event that only takes place once a year and moves millions of people through this platform, so it is an opportunity that Amazon offers to boost your business to another level and achieve a position that organically could take years to achieve. .

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