Get product identification codes to sell in Marketplaces that comply with international standards thanks to AECOC/GS1 Spain

If you sell through Marketplaces like Amazon, surely you already know that it is vitally important that your products have an identification code associated with them. This identification code, made up of numbers, is a label that is associated with a unique product and that facilitates its monitoring, as well as guarantees its visibility and transparency. Some of the most common identification codes are the GTIN, UPC, EAN or ISBN.

These codes allow you to quickly know the stock of any product, without the articles being confused by other similar ones or counterfeits. On the other hand, at any point in the supply chain, a company or supplier can know where its product is thanks to this identification code. In order for this entire product identification process to work correctly, especially taking into account the large mass of data that we currently handle, it is necessary that there is a global standardized system.

This standardized global system is what is known as GS1. These standards are a common language for multiple suppliers and customers and are also present in many sectors.

GS1 standards have mainly 3 objectives


These GS1 standards, as we mentioned earlier, allow the unique identification of products, logistics units, locations and assets throughout the entire supply chain, from the producer or manufacturer to the consumer.


In addition to identifying, GS1 barcodes and electronic product codes also contain information about the products in question and their locations. Especially in types of products such as food, they can include specific information such as batch information or expiration date.


All of this information that GS1 standards can collect is shared throughout the entire supply chain, making it as efficient a process as possible.

Now that we know what identification codes are, why they are so important for selling on Marketplaces and that they are governed by GS1 standards…

How can we get ID codes to sell on Marketplaces that meet GS1 standards?

If you browse the web, you can find multiple portals that offer you codes at a low price. You may be tempted to buy them through them to lower costs but… Is it really as cheap as they say?

As we already know, there are standards that ensure the validity of these codes and their correct use. It is very common that, precisely in these portals that are not endorsed by any body, these codes are pirate codes. In this way, your codes purchased at a low price will be expensive in the future because your merchandise will not be well identified.

Get your product identification codes from AECOC/GS1 Spain

The Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, better known as AECOC, is one of the largest business associations in the country and is the representative in Spain of the international organization GS1 for barcode management.

Online sales make it more important than ever for products to be identified and have their corresponding information throughout the entire value chain. Especially if you want to sell on the main Marketplaces like Amazon or AliExpress, having barcodes that follow international standards is of vital importance and will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

With AECOC/GS1 Spain, you will be able to generate certified and unique barcodes very quickly. In addition, they offer a series of free services to their members:

  • Unlimited generation of GS1 GTIN codes: as many codes as required, without limit and without affecting the membership fee
  • Free member technical support service: there are two member support teams, one focused on general questions and a technical team specialized in the multiple GS1 standards
  • Access to continuous training, where you can learn more about GS1 standards, access specific webinars on online sales, logistics…
  • Tools and Services
  • Access to specific content

In addition to these services, you will have access to a series of tools and training that will support you in the process of ensuring that your entire catalog is well identified and you can improve your competitiveness.

We help you get identification codes for sale in Marketplaces

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