Década Studio participated in the FBAShow, the largest event for Spanish-speaking Amazon sellers


During May 4 and 5, 2022, Década Studio had the opportunity to participate in the FBAShow where agencies and professionals specialized in Amazon and marketplaces met. In addition, different solutions and tools related to it were also presented.

This event is part of the E-show, the leading eCommerce and Digital Marketing fair in the sector, which was held in Barcelona and was attended by more than 700 professionals.

A space to share experiences with other professionals

While it is true that Amazon is a platform that offers great opportunities for professionals and companies, working on this platform can mean long hours of work and many barriers that must be overcome on a daily basis.

For this reason, the FBAShow also represented the perfect space for professionals in the sector to share our knowledge, experience, advice and frustrations of selling through Amazon. This is how the anti-stress balls that we were giving away at our stand became the perfect gift for many of the professionals for whom Amazon can generate stress and frustration.

A personalized advice

The FBAShow for Década Studio, as for many professionals in the sector, has demonstrated the professionalization of the sector and the importance that marketplaces have acquired for companies. More and more professionals are specializing in the sector and more and more companies are looking to launch their business on these Ecommerce platforms.

That is why for Década Studio it was a great pleasure to be able to advise and help the many professionals and businesses that came to our stand with doubts and concerns about how to take the first steps to start selling on Amazon and even take their business to marketplaces that They are outside of Spain.


Share our expertise with attendees

This event also gave us the opportunity to share our expertise working on marketplaces with the hundreds of event attendees. This being possible thanks to the two presentations led by Alba Castellet, CEO of Década Studio.

Round Table: Vendor Vs Seller, are they compatible?

Mesa Redonda Alba
Mesa Redonda 2

If you sell on Amazon, surely you have wondered what is better, to be an Amazon Vendor or to be an Amazon Seller? This was one of the questions that Alba Casteller together with Jordi Ordóñez, Ecommerce & Amazon Consultant and Ana Paula Pereira, Carlett’s Ecommerce Director, sought to answer during the round table that took place on May 4 during the FBAShow.

As part of this presentation, Alba was able to highlight that there are certain pros and cons that exist for each of the sales formats, so it is important to know the requirements that each one demands and what may be the impact that these may have within your business. business. You can find out about the topics covered during this presentation by reading the Difusión Sports article which highlights the most important points mentioned during the round table.

Keynote: How to Boost Your Brand with Non-Amazon Traffic

One of the keys to increasing your sales on Amazon without harming the conversion rate is possible if you know how to correctly develop external traffic strategies for Amazon. Alba Castellet, CEO and Co-founder of the agency specialized in Marketplaces, during her second presentation during the FBAShow, compiled the best techniques to increase the traffic of your listings and factors to take into account so as not to harm the conversion rate 🚀

If you would like to access these techniques, you just have to fill out the following form to access the PDF and start implementing strategies to generate external traffic to your brand.

Complete the form to discover how to incorporate external traffic strategies and increase your listings on Amazon

In short, the FBAShow was a pleasant experience that we would like to repeat every year since it offers us a great opportunity to learn from other professionals and continue to improve our knowledge and services to our clients. In addition, it offers us a space where our expert marketplace consultants can help new professionals to launch their businesses to these great ecommerce platforms that offer unique opportunities and great benefits for their brands and products.

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