Why is everyone talking about advertising on Amazon?

publicidad en amazon

What would you consider to be the brand that has invested the most in advertising during the year 2020?

It is possible that the first names that come to mind are Apple, Google, Samsung or perhaps Netflix. In a year that has been marked by a commitment to digital as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, it is neither more nor less than Amazon who has taken over the position of the largest advertiser in the world, reaching the figure of 9,000 million euros invested in advertising approximately.

Amazon is one of the most influential marketplaces in the world and has its own advertising platform that manages thousands of ads every day that are displayed on and off its website. Amazon’s advertising business is undoubtedly the other fundamental pillar of its income and it is growing by leaps and bounds.

Why advertisers decide to bet on Amazon?

This exponential growth is not surprising, after all Amazon has real information on the consumption habits of buyers, which allows advertisers the guarantee that their ads will be effective. In addition, it is increasingly common for users to choose Amazon instead of Google when carrying out specific searches about a product, which places Amazon in a privileged position as it is at the moment of consumer purchase decision.

On the other hand, at a time when VOD or video on demand is becoming more important than ever, Amazon presents its ad formats for Fire TV, which exceeds 50 million monthly active users worldwide. We must not forget, therefore, that this option for content and entertainment consumption also has its own ad formats.

The possibilities that Amazon offers sellers to reach more customers and boost their sales are, without a doubt, endless. In addition, it assumes that it is a very popular platform that is familiar and reliable to consumers. The platform itself defines its Amazon Advertising service as a tool that helps companies and brands of all sizes grow, helping to create brand awareness, drive consideration, gain user trust, offer information from unique audiences and increase their sales.

What formats does Amazon offer to advertisers?

Source: Amazon Advertising Library.

Amazon Advertising offers a multitude of ad formats that display inside and outside of the marketplace. One of the most popular formats is that of Sponsored Products and its operation is very similar to the Google search system. Following the search for a keyword, some search results appear that will be sponsored posts or organic results. This type of ad can also be segmented by product, in which case, the seller may incorporate his ad into the product file of his competition. In the event that it is an advertisement, it will appear indicated under the text «sponsored». If the advertiser’s objective is to improve their visibility and highlight specific products, this advertising format that works with a keyword bidding system offered by Amazon is most effective.

Another type of campaign format that Amazon offers to publicize the different brands is Sponsored Brands, which allows the advertiser to introduce a banner with the company logo, a headline and a series of featured products on the user’s search page. . This type of campaign is available to sellers who have registered their brand on the Amazon platform and its main objectives are to drive brand awareness, increase its visibility, and connect buyers with the products. It also works through a bidding system and is paid at Cost per Click.

The third in the top of Amazon’s most popular formats is the Sponsored Display, which targets and interacts with a specific and appropriate audience for the specific product. This type of self-serve display advertising is a quick and easy way to grow a business on Amazon, placing businesses within the platform’s website but also on other third-party websites and apps. The costs of these ads are easy to control since you set a budget and bid per click.

As we have seen, depending on the advertising objectives of each business, Amazon offers a series of customizable formats with their corresponding metrics to measure the results. In addition, the reports that you can download within its advertising platform offer irresistible data since it gives you a closed circuit that shows the effectiveness of each euro spent on advertising.

Sponsored Brand Video: Amazon’s new advertising format.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video is the new way to advertise within Amazon. The power of the image and, more specifically, the video when it comes to capturing the attention of the consumer is undeniable. With this new functionality, it is possible to position an ad in video format in the first search results, which will take the user to the product detail page or to the seller’s store where they can find more information and the possibility of purchasing. These ads are targeted by keywords or by product category and work at a cost per click (CPC), that is, the advertiser only pays when the user clicks on the ad.

Make your way through Amazon easier with Década Studio.

At Década Studio we know that facing the world of Amazon first can be confusing, which is why we make all our resources and tools available to companies to make this path easier. We want you to be able to get the most out of the platform, which is why we offer comprehensive management of the entire sales process within the great Amazon marketplace.

We create a plan and help you define the catalog of products you want to launch on Amazon. In addition to managing inventory and optimizing product titles, descriptions, keywords, images and content in general so that organic positioning is as efficient as possible. We complement this with advertising strategies with Amazon Advertising and promotions, using the ad formats that best suit the objectives set.

From Década Studio we also carry out analysis and monitoring reports of the campaigns carried out using Amazon’s analytical tools. We want the user’s shopping experience to be perfect, but also for the start-up of the sale to be a simple process and as efficient as possible for the advertiser.

What are you waiting for to start selling on Amazon?